[Spoilers] Angel’s Last Mission: Love E11-12+ Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo “I like you”♥…Lee Dong Gun got angry

1.[+682, -16] It’s not just a fantasy romance, the content is much deeper than you think, this week the development was little slow but watching the preview I can’t not watch it ㅠㅠ the actors’ acting, voice tone and visuals…but why is the article not on naver’s main page?..it’s number 1 among wed/thu dramas…

2.[+514, -24] Seriously Kim Myung Soo inside that boat looked like the korean version of Titanic’s Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s right, this actor deserves the angel’s role, not only is his face surprising but he is also good at acting~~~

3.[+461, -12] L’s acting is much better than his drama with Yoo Seung Ho ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ and his visuals are shining…His chemistry with Shin Hye Sun is the best~ Writer-nim, please don’t loose the tension and unfold this drama well…

4.[+265, -8] Today, the story’s development seemed a little stagnant~ The actors faces were more fun ㅜㅜ the last scene when Lee Dong Gun appeared it suddenly changed from funny and good to serious and bad.

5.[+144, -5] Ru Na or who ever she is, seems really scary

6.[+78, -5] Today, Shin Hye Sun’s acting when she got drugged saved the episode

7.[+69, -1] As expected, Shin Hye Sun is the best at crazy acting, also that japanese man was insane

8.[+65, -1] Today I thought Kim Myung Soo is seriously handsome, I mean he was always handsome but his serious expression, and the way he looks at Yeon Seo, his gaze is really cool

9.[+65, -4] The male lead is so handsome ㅠㅠ I hope there are more scenes of Dan and Yeon Seo~~

10.[+57, -2] Kim Myung Soo’s face is more than art itself…

11.[+43, -2] It’s so fun, the time flew by, Kim Myung Soo’s face and acting are so good and Shin Hye Sun is pretty

12.[+35, -2] Kim Myung Soo’s face is art

Rating: 6.9% | 8.7%

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