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Naver – Heraldpop: ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ Shin Hye Sun x Kim Myung Soo kiss…Lee Dong Gun is also an angel

1.[+1296, -11] I think Lee Dong Gun is a dark angel

2.[+597, -21] Is that ending real ㅠㅠㅠ the kissing scene was so beautiful, the leads visuals are seriously…

3.[+477, -17] Ah Dan Yeon couple ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Dan Yeon are the best ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4.[+469, -23] But seriously every time I look at the leads I feel like I have been enlightened ㅠㅠㅠ It’s so fun to watch ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Isn’t this crazy? It’s so fun to watch

5.[+366, -16] This drama is the house of good endings…

6.[+139, -2] The wings at the end…goosebumps

7.[+133, -3] L’s acting keeps getting better. It’s nice to see

8.[+119, -1] Lee Dong Gun is not an angel but a fallen angel…something seems weird about him ㅠ He is not going to put Lee Yeon Seo in danger, right? ㅠㅠ Dan-ah, protect her

9.[+90, -2] Is Lee Dong Gun’s girlfriend reincarnated as Shin Hye Sun after she died? Why do they have the same face? I think Lee Dong Gun is a dark angel. Seeing how his wings appeared in the dark shadow

10.[+82, -0] I think Ji Kang Woo’s wings are black

Naver – Sport Chosun: ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ Kim Myung Soo confused about his feelings toward Shin Hye Sun…Lee Dong Gun’s identity was revealed

1.[+1259, -18] Every time Shin Hye Sun finishes a project and starts a new one, her acting seems more solid, I also see signs of hard work on each character…She looked so beautiful dancing at the beach in the last scene…

2.[+497, -10] Today was so sad, Dan-ah ㅠㅠ I hope it’s a happy ending…

3.[+361, -21] The best drama since ‘My Love From Another Star’♡ It’s fun, touching, the development is refreshing and Shin Hye Sun & L are eye candy

4.[+224, -9] I hope tomorrow 10PM comes fast, I want to see heart fluttering Dan-Yeon couple~~~

5.[+193, -7] The drama is so soft and fast-paced…

6.[+159, -1] Looks like L’s emotional acting became richer than before…As expected, Lee Dong Gun matches the dark atmosphere so well…At the beach in the end, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Dong Gun and L~ everyone was good at acting their own character!

7.[+133, -1] Today’s scene where Hye Sun was dancing at the beach and L was hiding and crying, and the line from the preview “How can I not like you?”. They did everything.

8.[+102, -1] I don’t like receiving love, It makes me want to be weak. Her expressions and voice tone when she said this line were seriously ㅠㅠ I got emotional…

9.[+87, -5] Seems like Shin Hye Sun was born to act

10.[+79, -1] My heart hurt a lot for Dan today, Kim Myung Soo crying at the end made my heart ache ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ when it overlapped with when he was young ㅠㅠ I hoped for happiness and sweetness from Dan and Yeon Seo but this is so sad ㅠㅠ Judging from the preview, tomorrow will be daebak

E07-08: 6.7% | 8.4%
E09-10: 6.7% | 7.9%

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