Sky Castle Episode 19 (Review)

As always, the episode was full of events and a surprising twist at the end! I think I have never cried as much as I cried while watching this episode! I really don’t even know where should I start with this review!

I’m glad Woo Joo’s case has finally been solved! Also throughout all of this, we saw a lot of characters grow! It’s may have taken Mi Hyang so long to talk but now better than later right? I was a little upset how half the episode she still wanted to ignore the issue and only think about her daughter! like if her daughter didn’t break down like that she wouldn’t have talked! But she still asked for forgiveness and felt a lot of guilt about it! I loved how her husband was there for her and took responsibility with her! That hug at the police station was so sweet and sad! As I said in my previous review, It’s true It took him 50 years to know what’s wrong and what’s right but at least he is sincerely changing!

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I wish all the happiness for Yeh Su and Woo Joo, they both have been through enough and I’m glad they give Yeh Su the choice to choose her own future and what she wants to do!

WOW Cha Min Hyuk is really pitiful!! like he is on the line of getting a divorce yet he still thinks he has the authority to order his wife around, still only thinks about the twins’ education and the most frustrating thing, he still cares about that pyramid and about being on the top!! I love how No Seung Hye is such a caring mother! She is still giving him a chance, she still wants to keep the family together but most importantly she doesn’t want the kids’ relationship with their father to get ruined! He is really stupid for losing a woman like this! I really hoped he would learn from his mistakes!

Coach Kim!! I cried my eyes out with them in this scene! I still hate her character and how manipulative she was, also she did all this because of her insecurities and feelings of inferiority towards Sky Castle families! Even her daughter ended up like this because of her! But I’m glad she felt guilty seeing her daughter act that way! I’m also glad she didn’t kill her or herself! Prison was the right place for her yet I wish they make her see a therapist as well!
I have to say Teacher Jo is one hell of a loyal man. While watching the drama I always thought he will be the one betraying her and revealing all her secrets but he honestly stayed with her till the end!

The ending + the epilogue!!! JTBC why are you doing this to us? Why do we have to wait another week? especially after that plot twist!! I honestly thought after today’s episode, the finale will be a happy episode where they show us how the families are living their lives happily after the incident but nope there is still more!! What did coach kim mean when she said “Do you think you had nothing to do with her death?” why was Hye Na hallucinating and calling Mi Hyang “Mom”?? I remember I read once a theory that said that Hye Na’s actually Mi Hyang’s real daughter, will the writer really go there??! IM SO CURIOUS!!!

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