Seo Kang Joon confirmed to star in new Drama ‘Something About Us’

Naver – Osen: Seo Kang Joon confirmed to appear in drama ‘Something about us’…A perfect handsome guy

1. [+329, -69] He is the actor who created the most issues in ‘Cheese In The Trap’…

2. [+281, -80] ㅋㅋ He is handsome, I totally envy him

3. [+231, -79] He is really handsome ㅋㅋ Even from a man’s point of view

4. [+168, -61] What is this crazy world, oh my god;;;; is this real?

5. [+133, -33] Ah…It’s one of my favorite webtoons…

6. [+85, -25] He doesn’t feel like Han Woo Jin at all

7. [+60, -19] Han Woo Jin should be a little tall, what a shame

8. [+52, -12] Last time he wanted to be the lead of the webtoon and the same thing now ㅎ He is handsome but he will ruin another webtoon drama

9. [+53, -14] It will have the same ‘Cheese In the Trap’ director Lee Yoon Jung pd. It’s funny if he choose this, the drama will be made as he wants it

10. [+56, -15] He is not that good but he is always the lead

11. [+64, -24] Ah, I really like this webtoon but why him

12. [+51, -14] They didn’t make any decision….But it won’t be Lee Yoon Jung pd again, right?

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