Seo In Guk get praised for his good acting in ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’



Naver – My Daily: ‘Hundred Million Stars’ Seo In Guk is Seo In Guk

1.[+734, -78] He is really good at acting, I’m looking forward to more in the future

2.[+426, -37] His acting gives goosebumps…as expected, Seo In Guk doesn’t disappoint

3.[+273, -14] This drama is mysterious and fun

4.[+195, -14] He is good at acting and I enjoy watching it

5.[+194, -18] I’m always supporting Seo In Guk, fighting! His acting is so charming

6.[+78, -6] The drama is good but Seo In Guk has unknown charms and atmosphere! I fell for it~~~

7.[+71, -5] When the character changes, his face totally changes. How could he be this good at acting?

8.[+61, -4] Seriously I always get attracted to Seo In Guk’s characters and dramas, he is charming so I always keep watching him. He is really good at acting!

9.[+56, -5] Oh~ his eye acting is a masterpiece—————————————was he always this good? The emotions in his eyes are amazing…

2018 APAN Star Awards Winners [Spoilers] The Smile Has Left Your Eyes E03-04 + Rating



This drama is on my wait list, i know i gonna be obsessed with it so i´ll wait for a few more episodes to be aired. I really hope to not to be spoiled, may the luck be with me!

Yes i think its better to be binged bcs i really suffer waiting for new eps every week 🙁 and i suggest u avoid the comment sections on the first 2 eps bcs there are spoilers everywhere


Seo Inguk is such a good actor that’s what you called acting and it is not taught in school he have this natural charisma on and off screen he has an inborn talent in acting and singing,

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