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Web portals rule modern-day South Korea, Bae Ta Mi is the fierce brain behind #1 web portal in the nation ‘Unicon’, in tvN’s new drama Search: WWW. Despite being the ace of the company she is put in a difficult situation, which leads to her being fired and taken in by competitor company ‘Barro’.

This drama exceeded my expectations by tenfold with the first episode alone. Being honest I only began watching because of my love for Lee Da Hee and half-expected to skip through the typical office drama just to get to her scenes. Instead, I was captivated by how innovative and witty it was. Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) is a cold, competitive workaholic with sharp gazes and smirks. She’s the best at what she does and stands up for what she sees as right.

The only person able to see her relaxed side is her fling, Park Mogan (Jang Ki Yong). He’s always ready to tease and challenge her authority despite being a whole decade younger than her.

Lee Da Hee’s character Scarlet is a woman that fights her battles with her own hands. She takes criticism from no one and lets no one get away with hurting her company. She stops Ta Mi from doing anything too off-brand as Barro’s new manager. Despite being close friends with the head of their competitor she refuses to let her loyalty be in question.

Ga Gyung (Jeon Hye Jin) is one of Unicon’s heads. She used to be close friends with Ta Mi but turns bitter and harsh after her family got bankrupt and married her husband. Getting Ta Mi fired starts her constant self-conflict with how much her in-laws are controlling her.

This show did not fail to impress me. It sets up an exciting corporate war with dynamic characters all around. I’m interested in all of their full stories and there isn’t a single one I don’t feel strong emotions for whether it be love or hate. Anyone hesitating to watch this show because it sounds like a boring business melodrama should reconsider. Its a genre I’m not very fond of either but this show put its own twist on it making it interesting for a serial rom-com addict like myself!

Are you watching Search: WWW? What do you think of it?

Written by: @___suhny

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