Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung First Impression/Review

Episode 1-2:

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung starts off great by introducing us the main leads which I already love and I’m willing to protect at all costs. For starters, Shin Se Kyung does a great job as Hae Ryung and she is not as nearly as bad at acting as I thought she would be (maybe because I’ve read so many bad comments about her acting that my expectations were really low). Nevertheless I found her acting good.

Hae Ryung is really likeable from the very start of the episode. The drama shows us that she is a righteous woman who can’t stand injustice and is not afraid to stand up for herself. What I specifically liked about her is that she is strong without rubbing it in your face. Through her, we get to see how women were treated back then (for example a woman’s security and place in the world was strongly connected with her marriage etc). What shocked me the most was when the lady that was teaching them manners said “women must not do anything great or bad” because it shows how quite and ignored women were taught to be back then.

I loved Prince Lee Rim! Eunwoo is doing a decent job portraying him so far. The prince is a pure romanticist who loves writing love stories despite having left the palace only once in his whole life (yikes). I laughed at the interactions between him and Eunuch Sam bo. They make a very dynamic duo which I already love. I felt so happy for him when he was seeing for the first time that people loved his books because I (and we all) know that feeling of hard work being paid off.

The first meeting of our lead couple was not as dynamic as I hoped but it was still a good and decent meeting. I felt a bit sorry for Lee Rim having to come across a negative review on his book but I laughed simultaneously at his shocked expressions he made while hearing Hae Ryung saying the worst comments about his book. It was a short meeting but the actors did seem to have chemistry so I’m excited to see more interactions between them.

The episode focused a lot on introducing us to the main leads so we didn’t get a chance to get more acquainted with the other characters but the person that gave me a strong impression was Lee Ji Hoon’s character, Min Woo-Won, who is a lawful historian as opposed to his father (a minister I think) who seemed sketchy (but would it be a sageuk without an evil minister? I think not lol). It was really interesting to see how important the role of a historian was and I feel even more excited to see everyone’s reactions when such important positions are going to be taken by women.

Overall, it was a great first episode as it set the funny but also mysterious mood perfectly. I hope to see more of the secondary characters in the next episode, like Park Ki Woong’s character, Crown prince Lee Jin and I hope we’ll get introduced to Park Ji Hyun’s character as well because I’m really curious about her role in the drama. I can’t wait to see what is next in store for our leads!

Episode 3-4:

After watching this episode, Hae Ryung is becoming one of my favorite characters. I just love how strong yet calm and kind she is. She doesn’t stay silent in any situation and that’s really admirable.

Her speech to Min Won was so inspireful and beautiful and I loved that he was affected by it and wrote his personal opinion on a historical record. It’s just shows how much power she has without even knowing it. I also really like Min Won, he is strict when it comes to laws but also open- minded. When he comes across something new, he processes it and then decides if it’s right according to his morals. By the way, seeing all these books being banned and then destroyed was really painful to watch.

Lee Rim is cute and lovable but I don’t know what role he has in the story yet. So far, everyone seems to have a role and a goal that is essential to the plot but Lee Rim seems to only want to write and read? But we’re still very early in the series so I’ll give him a chance and wait.

We know, thanks to him, that the king is an awful father. The flashback from the Queen made me wonder if the king killed Lee Rim’s real father and he is the real Crown Prince. I think that would explain his terrible behaviour towards him. We haven’t seen his behaviour towards Lee Jin yet but I doubt that it’ll be very nice. He seems one of those kings who are ruthless till the end of the series.

I hope that the truth (whatever it is) won’t be too shocking because I don’t want any drama between the two brothers. Their relationship is just so pure and adorable. Lee Jin seems like a good person and I love that one of his priorities is to protect his younger brother. It’s weird to see how cute and smiley he is around his brother and mother and then how strict he is around the people of the palace. I’m REALLY afraid that something will happen and make him go against Lee Rim because I’m suspicious of the drama showing us too many lovely brotherhood moments. But let’s just hope that that won’t happen.

I think my biggest disappointment was Sa Hee. I hoped she would be a nice character but from what they showed us, Min Pyeong will probably make her work for him in some way? But maybe she will be one of these characters that self-reflects and retrieves herself at the end.

I honestly can’t wait for the female historians to enter the palace because it’s going to be epic!

Written by Demi.