Romance Is A Bonus Book Review

tvN’s Romance Is A Bonus Book has come to an end *sad* also this is Lee Jon Suk’s last drama after he enlisted! But was this drama really that good?

The drama talks about Kang Dan Yi who decides to get back to work after giving it all up to be a housewife but despite her impressive career and excellent educational background, she couldn’t find anyone willing to hire her due to her age and lack of experience! She decides to work at her friend
Cha Eun Ho’s Publishing Company! Cha Eun Ho is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at this company. He is smart and handsome, he looks cold-hearted but he is honestly warm and have a soft spot for his friend Dan Yi.

When you first read the synopsis, you would feel like the plot is over-used, predictable and it will mostly focus on the romance, but this drama turned out to be more than that, It talked about important things such as how society looks and treats mothers-housewives who decide to go back to work, mothers at work and showed us what really goes around publishing a book, what happen when it doesn’t sell, which I found fascinating because I really didn’t know how these things work, It really takes a lot of work to make just one book! I’m not a big fan of reading but after watching this drama It really made me appreciate and want to read more books hehe

I was truly satisfied with the plot and I appreciate the way it was neatly developed. This drama is the type that makes you feel at ease when you watch it, It was really relaxing as there were no dramas or unnecessary dragging, everything was gradually/smoothly build up and made sense.

The acting was so good, everyone just matched well with their character and brought each of them to life. We saw everyone grow and change in a heartwarming and natural way. They were all unique and had different charms. The leads’ chemistry was so good and I loved how they were caring and considerate of each other, there were no misunderstandings or any typical kdrama problems were it leads to a breakup, It was a mature and healthy relationship. The way the other romantic relationships formed was also really nice and natural. Some complained that the drama didn’t focus too much on Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young but honestly that’s what made me love it even more. I just loved how we got to see the growth and lives of each character, It made it look more realistic. I have to say, my favorite part was the friendship. You can feel they truly cared for and supported each other on many different occasions! I wanted to see more of the three ‘club ladies’ but I’m still satisfied with what we got hehe

Overall, this was a well-made, heat-warming, healing and beautiful drama that I truly recommend everyone to watch it especially if you are looking for a soft and light drama. But be prepared you may cry your eyes out in some scenes hehe

My Rating:

Overall: 9/10
Acting: 9/10
Story: 9/10

A book that inspires others may not always insprire you, so find a book that does

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