Romance Is A Bonus Book First Impression/Review

After the messy Memories Of The Alhambra, I was really looking forward to this drama! Something light and funny to change the mood and thankfully this drama didn’t disappoint!

The drama talks about Kang Dan Yi who decides to get back to work after giving it all up to be a housewife but despite her impressive career and excellent educational background, she couldn’t find anyone willing to hire her due to her age and lack of experience! She decides to work at her friend
Cha Eun Ho’s Publishing Company! Cha Eun Ho is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at this company. He is smart and handsome, he looks cold-hearted but he is honestly warm and have a soft spot for his friend Dan Yi.

Honestly, I enjoyed watching the first two episodes even though the first one was a little messy. It was a little confusing but as it went it got better! Also after finding out how their friendship started, It became more enjoyable! The acting was really good especially Lee Na Young, she is portraying Kang Dan Yi’s struggles really well! I cried with her in some scenes and I truly sympathize with her! I swear Lee Jong Suk just got more handsome lol I’m not into Noonas dramas but whenever Lee Jong Suk calls Lee Na Young ‘Noona’ my heart just flutters!

I loved how they showed the struggles of a housewife trying to get back to work! It’s a really hard and tough computation, especially If it’s against newly graduated! And how society judge or look down on housewives who are trying to find a job! At first, I didn’t understand why she had to lie and say she was only a high school graduate, but when I thought about it, It made sense. I feel like a lot of companies don’t want to hire talented people with huge gaps between their employees. But whether she lied or not, she is still the same smart girl, so I can’t wait to see her rise!

We only got to see a little bit of our supporting characters but so far I’m loving them! I feel like I will be enjoying the drama because of them more than because of the leads hehe! But I have to say the way, they introduced the second male lead was a little out of nowhere lol

So far the drama has a lot of potentials, the story and the acting are good, I really can’t wait to see how the romance will begin, we know that Eun Ho has feelings for Dan Yi but Da Yi only sees him as a friend, so I’m really curious to how her feelings will change.

It been a long time since we had a decent rom-com! I truly hope it’s stays fun till the end and doesn’t get draggy half-through!

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