Park Jin Hee met with ‘Return’ PD and She is reviewing the offer carefully

Naver – Star: Park Jin Hee agency “A meeting with ‘return’ stuff…Carefully deciding”

1. [+3744, -247] Don’t do it ㅋㅋI know she can’t ignore the acting fees…but it will be a burden to replace Ko Hyun Jung;

2. [+3242, -217] There is no one who can make money in her company, I feel pity for making Park Jin Hee do it when she is pregnant

3. [+3008, -146] Seems like the decision have been made since yesterday. They are testing the public opinion. You need to coordinate the timing of the announcement.

4. [+2380, -467] Did they meet to pay her???? I’m disappointed

5. [+1047, -116] Do you want to dig your spoon while your sunbae in that situation? I don’t understand it. This will stick with you for the rest of your life

6. [+937, -151] I suddenly hate Park Jin Hee

7. [+822, -39] Seems Park Jin Hee got paid a much bigger amount….Like that she won’t leave like Ko Hyun Jung…

8. [+809, -91] I guess you need a lot of money…You’re getting yourself into sh*t

9. [+706, -33] Her agency is crazy, how could they send a pregnant woman

Daum – Osen: Park Jin He’s representative “Today was the first meeting with ‘Return’ PD…We are being careful” 

1. [+3189, -342] Don’t do it

2. [+2841, -396] Park Jin Hee has a good image but looks like her agency doesn’t care

3. [+2449, -242] Get off. There is no guarantee that the actress was at fault…

4. [+1654, -107] Park Jin Hee’s representative, if he was a sane man he wouldn’t treat a pregnant woman like this

5. [+1315, -98] A pregnant woman??? Is he crazy??

6. [+1108, -84] Don’t do it

7. [+1069, -91] Park Jin Hee is also…

8. [+1039, -88] I like her image, don’t do it

9. [+960, -68] Park Jin Hee-nim don’t do it, please only take care of your pregnancy

10. [+918, -67] Aigoo, don’t do it ㅠ

[Spoilers] Misty E03 + Rating Lee Min Ho and Suzy have reportedly got back together + Both agencies denied it

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