Park Jin Hee confirmed to replace Ko Hyun Jung in ‘Return’

Naver – sports chosun: Park Jin Hee confirmed to appear in ‘Return’…Will appear starting from the 14th broadcast

1. [+14979, -765] You don’t need to say~ wasn’t this confirmed since the beginning?

2. [+14231, -2125] That’s a dirty move. She could have not agreed for everyone’s sake but now she will get hate for everything she does

3. [+11656, -1007] As expected~ Anyway, I will change to Queen of Mystery 2 soon~ Return out

4. [+10244, -767] It seems to be a promise since the beginning. It was told that she can’t do any activities due to her pregnancy, but playing a role in ‘Return’ won’t be good for her…Since the process of Ko Hyun Jung dropping out was noisy, it will be burden for anyone who takes her role… especially Park Jin Hee said that it was not prepared in advance

5. [+4721, -269] Daebak goosebumps…She has already started filming…

6. [+4379, -250] You wrote an article days ago saying she will join. Her name was already added in Wikipedia. I have already known that you will write her confirmation article today since you have released so much articles about Ko Hyun Jung. I do not want to see a pregnant woman on tv

7. [+3801, -178] I knew it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+3606, -96] This is scary…as expected, Park Jin Hee will get a lot of hate..

9. [+3752, -216] Do you think that everyone is happy because you confirmed?

10. [+3686, -160] ㅋㅋ I keep thinking about it, but isn’t it fast that she will already appear on the 14th broadcast

11. [+3654, -247] This is too much…I’m really disappointed…I’m seriously not going to watch it…

12. [+3350, -180] I didn’t think she will do it since she dragged it too much

Daum – sports chosun:

1. [+3342, -219] I knew this would happen, she already started filming

2. [+3362, -236] This is funny. Sbs bye~~

3. [+2253, -154] The scenario falls perfectly in place. All sbs had to do was making Ko Hyun Jung crazy. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s really funny. Park Jin Hee is already at 5 months of pregnancy!

4. [+2007, -170] If you were going to do this, why didn’t you chose Park Jin Hee as a lead from the beginning rather than make all this fuss…You already thought about replacing her in advance

5. [+1974, -144] You let go of Hyun Jung. I think the viewers will let go of watching too

6. [+1794, -108] She already started filming but she said she is not able to make the decision yet!!

7. [+1792, -143] Amazing. Can she even film while she is pregnant? Wouldn’t effect the baby? She doesn’t read articles or the public opinion? but can she seriously act? Why? you’re not even a rookie. Don’t you have a lot to lose by doing this?

8. [+1600, -158] Disappointing…hul…you will become a hated actress…I won’t watch it out of disappointment

9. [+1542, -104] You shouldn’t have agreed, why did you do that?

10. [+1572, -190] Park Jin Hee disappointed me! At the end, she will milk as much as she wants!

11. [+1345, -120] Hul…….I won’t watch it anymore
12. [+1299, -119] Disappointed 
13. [+1140, -68] ㅎ She is already filming~ You should have been honest why did you say you are still reviewing the offer
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