Park Ho San confirmed to replace Oh Dal Su in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘My Ajusshi’

Naver – News1: Park Ho San to join ‘My Ajusshi’ as an emergency replacement for Oh Dal Su

1. [+2048, -7] Daebak!!! I was looking forward to his next work ㅜㅜ The timing is good~ I hope ‘My Ajusshi’ hits daebak

2. [+1670, -8] Oh yeah!!!!!! It’s mullae-dong kaist!!!!!! I like this!!

3. [+1394, -8] It’s Wise Prison Life ajusshi

4. [+1116, -7] Looking forward to his acting

5. [+968, -10] I hope ‘My Ajusshi’ hits daebak

6. [+292, -3] He is good at acting and he keeps getting opportunities~~ I’m looking forward to this too~^^

7. [+246, -1] Oh~ since Kaist has joined It will be good

8. [+244, -1] Oh~~~ It’s a much better choice than before

9. [+213, -0] It’s ten million times better than Dal Su!

10. [+171, -7] Oh yeah~~

11. [+155, -0] I didn’t watch Wise Prison Life but I liked him a lot in Defendant. I will be looking forward to this

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