Park Han Byul revealed to have played golf with the police officer tied to chatroom controversy

Naver – Osen: Park Han Byul “She is separate from her husband” → Played golf with Senior Superintendent Yoon → “It’s hard but I won’t step down” apologizes

You can read her apology here

1.[+3990, -40] – Choi Jin Sil: Stars Agency (commit suicide) – Jung Dabin: Stars Agency (commit suicide) – U Nee: Olive Nine agency (commit suicide) – Jang Jayeon: The content agency (commit suicide), Everyone committed suicide from these agencies. (Stars, Olive Nine and The Contents are one agency) Representatives (Kim Jong Seung, Jason Kim, Kim Sung Hoon = same person…) I’m getting goosebumps please investigate this CEO

2.[+3954, -206] If it’s hard then step down…For whom do you keep doing it, you’re selfish…

3.[+1852, -103] Stepping down is the right thing. Han Byul-ssi…I’m a fan of yours but the people who live by their popularity, it’s the right thing to take responsibility of your family and the way it flows. You receive happiness and suffer from family, that’s life.

4.[+1623, -294] Step down, you b*tch

5.[+809, -37] Let’s not watch it

6.[+427, -6] Even Cha Tae Hyun stepped down…you really don’t have a conscience

7.[+283, -3] At first she said she didn’t know, isn’t obvious that now Choi Jong Hoon opened his month she came out with an apology? Lately, everyone is lying, is this fun, why are you doing this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Also she said she is having a hard time then why isn’t she stepping down? Isn’t all just an excuse?

Daum – MyDaily: Park Han Byul “I’m sorry about my husband’s case…I will live an honest life as a mother and a wife”

1.[+8381, -75] What happened to her husband in the past is still going, if he didn’t get caught this time I feel like he would have kept earning money as a pimp

2.[+3304, -286] Stepping down is the answer

3.[+2137, -157] The apology doesn’t feel sincere. You only feel sorry now! It’s unbelievable, she thinks it’s not wrong since it has been a long time?? Step down, reflect on yourself, It’s too late to apologize

4.[+1686, -8] Park Han Byul-ssi, It’s not something from the past, your husband is the owner and administrator of Burning Sun…he ordered to send women and rape them…It’s a big crime and case that’s being investigated by the police right now…and there is even an evidence that you played golf with the police who cover it up

5.[+967, -9] You even played golf, you lied saying you don’t know anything…You have a child of your own, how can you treat other people’s child like objects?…If you get investigated we will find out..!!

6.[+591, -140] Women who got married for the money…Kim Na Young, Jeong Ga Eun, Park Han Byuk ㅋㅋ

7.[+397, -3] At first, celebrities start out with a lie and when thinks get out they apologize and their writing doesn’t even seem sincere, it’s like someone else wrote it