One Spring Night (Episode 21-22) Thoughts/Review

5 episodes left until the finale! Whew. I’m so sorry I’m a week late to post last week’s thoughts/review. It’s been a hectic week for me hehe. 

Well, I’m happy also terrified that finally, Jeong In’s father knew about Ji Ho. But he doesn’t say a word and keeps insist Jeong In to marry Gi Seok. He ran out with anger, no it is not because Jeong In doesn’t want to get married to Gi Seok, he’s afraid that he’ll be unemployed after his retirement. He wants his daughter to get married for his own good. What a selfish father. I hate his character to the core.

After the argument she had with her father, she ran away to Jiho’s apartment, but unfortunately, he is at his parent’s house. So Ji Ho let her came into his apartment, and they spent the night together. I really like the line from the book which they read together. They naturally fall in love, not just acting. Han Ji Min really step up her game for sure, I kinda didn’t like her in Familiar Wife, but One Spring Night really changed my viewpoint on her.

One of my favorite moment, except their’s afternoon date, is when Jeong In had a video call with Eun-U, OMG these two are the cutest. And when her younger sister decided to join them, I believe Jeon In will be a good mom later.

And finally!!!! Her mother knows about Seo-In getting abused by her husband. This is what I’ve been waiting for, this scene almost got my eyes into tears lol. But what mother could imagine her daughter get abused from the man she knew would respect and take care of her. Her husband is like a psychopath, he even smiled when his mother-in-law confront him. What the hell.

At the last episode, we saw Gi Seok having dinner with Jeong In’s father. TALKING. ABOUT. MARRIAGE. DATE. What marriage date they’re talking about??? At this point, I lost my respect for Gi Seok. I believe this particular personality made Jeong In leave him. I feel like, this isn’t love, it kinda an obsession for me. Whether Gi Seok is unready to be left by Jeong In because they had a long term relationship. Or is it his regret about the past. 

I feel like, from review to review, I talked a lot about Gi Seok, he is kinda scene stealer for me hehe isn’t it weird? For me, Ji Ho and Jeong In as a couple who fell in love but unfortunately with twist, successfully makes the audience understand that love is worth fighting for, as long as you’re together with the right person. They showed us that happiness sometimes is achieved by hurting people (i believe some of you might not agree with me) but sometimes we gotta be selfish for our own happiness right?

And even, if Ji Ho ended up with Jeong In later, I believe Gi Seok will achieve his happiness, and gets to learn how to treat his next girlfriend properly later. 

I read so many people dropped this drama because it talks about an affair. But for me, it tells about two people who destined to be together but have to go through a rough way in order to achieve that. And also I believe a lot of people would disagree with my opinion hehe. It is just my thoughts by the way. 

Wishin’ these two kiddos to get a happy ending. They’ve been through a lot. Like, a lot.

What’s your thoughts so far?

My rating: 8.25/10

Written by: @RereBS

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