Oh Dal Su denies sexual harassment accusation + the victim said that he didn’t harass her but raped her

Naver – Osen: Silence → Aggressive explication…Oh Dal Su “What have been said in ‘Newsroom’ is not true”

1. [+11744, -594] Seems like the movie investors and the production team trying to quickly block this, why are you trying cover the whole sky with the palm of your hand? Apologize and take responsibility. It must have been have hard for the woman to talk about the rape, I’m surprised by her courage.

2. [+9718, -582] Oh Dal Su gave up on being a human being…

3. [+8396, -438] By now I think he went to all his victims to settle things “Please take this money and let’s settle things and don’t expose any thing.” He must be so busy ㅎㅎ

4. [+7300, -184] Then we can just go till the end…

5. [+3893, -94] He has four movies waiting to be released, he must be having a headache…but still this is not right…He should especially get off of his upcoming drama…

6. [+2531, -53] Even though I am a woman, it is easy to expose sexual harassment but it’s not easy to expose rape, it takes courage. She is a wife, daughter-in-law and mother of children, it must not have been easy for her to expose this, Oh Dal Soo seems to be abusive

7. [+2421, -49] Production teams please don’t use part time workers for these things. You may have daughters too…

8. [+2019, -39] Is this a person? he is a monster! ugh

9. [+1845, -22] If he admits to this it will be the end of his life, there is no evidence and only a testimony, If he drag it to court and they can’t prove any thing he’ll get out innocent

10. [+1851, -42] If the other victims testimonies continue to come out, it will be buried in society forever like Jo Min Ki and if it doesn’t come out, it will be a long court battle.

Naver – My Daily: ‘Newsroom’ Oh Dal Su’s victim ‘A’: “It’s not a sexual harasment but rape…He didn’t even blink an eye.”

The victim said that the actor didn’t harass, but raped her. ‘A’ was cast along him in play “Trashes” and a senior told her to follow him before he raped her. She said that she didn’t have a chance to rebel and even when she screamed he didn’t blink an eye and had the same calm expression. She also said when she shared this with her colleagues, some of them told her that they had similar experience with the actor. She expressed saying: “It’s painful to see him getting popular and it angered me when he denied the accusation”

1. [+12765, -210] It’s over….out…

2. [+11729, -199] Wa after this he is still acted confidently?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected of the fairy he is a good actor. Dal Su-ah, you won’t go forther ~^^

3. [+9721, -161] Putting your hand is your pants and shacking it is not as common as putting your hand in a bag to find your phone, I thought about it the past days and it’s not. Does it make sense to do this?! Anyway, there’s only a victim’s statement, and there’s no evidence…If this is not true, I won’t be able to sleep or eat without feedbacks

4. [+7952, -288] Me too informants~ Please don’t just post it on the internet and go sue them~ I support your courage~^^ and please protect the informant~~

5. [+6626, -181] Those who believe in Oh-ssi must have a reasonable perspective.

6. [+2265, -10] Wa, the first rape case has came out on JTBC news! Please interview the other cases’ victims!

7. [+2260, -19] Wa I got surprised twice with JTBC and Oh Dal Su’s victim interview. Wa they showed the facts in such a big news that is still not available in Naver

8. [+2151, -11] …You didn’t expect the victim to show up on tv and you lied…I didn’t see it before but you are a really bad person. I support the victim

9. [+2059, -16] I knew this would happen ㅉㅉ Apologize to the victim and to netizens too…Isn’t Oh Dal Su at the level of attempted rape?

10. [+1873, -11] Wa he denied it like someone else but didn’t know the case will blow up like this, Oh Dal Su is over now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kim Yoo Jung’s drama ‘Clean with Passion For Now’ pushes their broadcast date from April… Actor Choi Il Hwa admits to sexual harassment

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