Oh Dal Su admits his wrong doing after several denial

Naver – xports news: Oh Dal Su officially apologize for the sexual harassment “It’s all my fault” 

Some of his apology: “I had a hard time in the last several days. Despite the accusations and criticisms, I wasn’t clearly honest about those who I deeply hurt. I was frightened, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t remember what happened immediately. I deeply regret this. I read comments, articles and talked to people around me in those days to recall what happened. It was true that the content of the interview and my memory were slightly different. I wanted to check things first and talk to you about it. I was frustrated as my heart hurt. I will accept any criticism. I was wrong.”
“I think I had feelings of love 25 years ago. At this point, I sincerely apologize for the hurt I caused to you. I apologize that you lived with a wounded heart. It will be difficult but I hope those wounds will get healed. Also If A-nim wants to face each other in any way, I will do so.” 

1. [+12732, -279] He didn’t get his sense back

2. [+9471, -191] 10M lust Oh Dal Su (t/n: his nickname used to be 10M fairy)

3. [+8174, -135] Isn’t he crazy?? Don’t think about using love as an excuse….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+4934, -74] He has an excuse till the end…What does he mean he did it with a feeling of love…

5. [+2273, -21] Are you crazy? You pretended to be a good person, look at how he wrote things, rather than admitting from the first time he was turning things around

6. [+2133, -19] You said with a feeling of love? Looking at your excuse I don’t think it would have happened

7. [+2104, -18] This is an apology?? he is trying to cosplay as the victim ㄷㄷㄷ

8. [+1860, -18] So why did you touch someone else’s body without their permission? No movie or anything, just forget about your life as an actor

9. [+1709, -13] What’s this nonsense?…Is this an apology? just go get punished

10. [+1632, -17] Is this an apology? this?????? isn’t this a diary??? you feel pitiful only for yourself?? This is unbelievable. If you were going to write this apology it would have been better if you just kept your silence, what’s the use of this apology?

11. [+1568, -18] He is worst than I expected. ‘feeling of love’…hul…

12. [+1252, -10] This is not an apology, it’s just an excuse, even if you are stupid how could you use an excuse as an apology?

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