OCN’s Trap First Impression/Review

An OCN drama that I can finally watch! I didn’t watch any OCN drama probably since The Player which I didn’t even finish yet. Yes! I didn’t watch The Guest and I feel guilty about it, unfortunately my heart can’t take those type of scary dramas! *I can’t help it*

The drama tells the story of Kang Woo Hyun, a famous and well respected anchor, he is a devout and happy father, who enjoys being surrounded by his family. On his 10th wedding anniversary, he decided to go on a trip with his family and that’s how a tragic incident happened. Meanwhile, Go Dong Kook is a veteran detective, who doesn’t stop at anything until a case is solved, decides to take the case of Kang Woo Hyun and sets out to investigate with the help of Profiler Yoon Seo Young.

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The story is more than this but I tried my best to write it without giving out any spoilers because the suspense and excitement starts from the first episode. So far, I’m loving it, I feel like I need this type of drama at the moment! It got the mystery, thriller and even some scary moments. The acting is really good, I was surprised when I read netizens criticize the acting! The directing is just perfect. At first I was a little confused but as it went it got even better and I found myself absorbed in the episodes. It’s really fast-paced but what I mostly love about it is that our leads and all characters are smart, they are not the typical stupid detectives or male lead we get in crime dramas *sometimes*. I also love the translation between the past and the present! They are showing us the investigation process with what actually happened, It really makes it even more exciting and interesting to watch!


I knew that the secretary was somehow behind this, she looked suspicious ever since her first scene where she looked kinda annoyed when Kang Woo Hyun decided to go on a trip with his family rather than meeting that CEO! And as we watched the second episode we found out that the CEO is actually behind this but why? I’m so curious to find out the reason behind all of this, like what will they gain from taking away his family? Do they just want him to suffer? but the secretary seems to love him? Also what’s Kang Woo Hyun’s wife relationship with that CEO? I’m really curious and can’t wait to watch next week episodes!

If you are looking for a good suspense and thriller, I think you will love this drama and I definitely recommend giving it a try! Be careful, there are some graphic scenes such as blood and cutting body parts (they don’t show everything but I was still disgusted by it lol)

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