Netizen reviews of ‘Heung-Boo: The Revolutionist’

2/10: The reviews are good here, I wonder if I’m weird…
1/10: Kim Joo Hyuk-nim, I’m happy that I got to see you again…I wonder how could you make a movie like that with all these actors. I don’t understand the high ratings…
5/10: The attempt of reinterpreting Heung Boo and the good acting of these actors should be praised. Actor Kim Joo Hyung’s acting is very prominent. But the production, composition and the story of the film were so disappointing. I’m very disappointed with the director’s ability to make such a movie with these good actors.
4/10: Something is weird about the story…It lacks a lot and It was boring…
2/10: Even if this is Kim Jo Hyuk’s last work, This is not right. Story, development, production and Kim Wan Sun’s acting…It’s the worst…It’s a waste of time..
2/10: The content was not good. I feel sorry for my girlfriend who I went with…It was a satisfied film for the late Kim Joo Hyunk
2/10: I fell asleep with my girlfriend…
10/10: Ah I miss Kim Jo Hyuk’s acting…I liked it so much!! I like it more because the whole family could see it!! I’ll see it again with my parents!!
4/10: It was fun only at the end ㅡㅡ I watched it after seeing the ratings, but I was bored to death for over an hour…Even with that Kim Joo Hyuk’s acting was so good and the last scene was symbolic…
10/10: I enjoyed watching it because I miss Kim Joo Hyung. It would have been nice if he was still alive. What a shame
1/10: I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid I would snore ㅜㅜ
6/10: It’s the late Kim Joo Hyuk’s last work, but I’m disappointed in the obvious development…I wished It was a better work. what a shame
10/10: A movie that you need to know the meaning and level of story
10/10: It’s not a movie that deserves 10/10 but also it doesn’t deserve 0 or 1/10, Don’t listen to the reviews It’s a watchable movie. Jung Woo and Chun Woo Hee’s acting were the best!
1/10: It’s the best movie for sleeping. It’s been a long time since I slept this good. It’s a waste of money and time
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