Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting in The Light In Your Eyes

Naver – KBS Media: Nam Joo Hyuk ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ painful youth

1.[+515, 3] He’s acting well

2.[+336, -3] His acting has improved a lot, at first, i thought he will be a flaw but as it goes his acting made me immerse and feel sad ㅜㅜ Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting teacher is the best

3.[+252, -3] It’s so sad, I cried with him, his acting seems so real…I will continue to watch the broadcast~

4.[+211, -0] Was Actor Nam Joo Hyuk always this good at acting?!?!? I’m in awe every time I watch it~

5.[+186, -1] Nam Joo Hyuk is seriously handsome. I envy him

6.[+57, -0] His acting grew with The Light In Your Eyes~~~

7.[+51, -0] I liked it because the male lead is not a third generation chaebol

8.[+49, -0] It’s sad because Joon Ha exist in our reality

9.[+41, -0] I also thought Nam Joo Hyuk doesn’t match with this drama…but his sad acting is so good

10.[+38, -0] The young Hye Ja and the old Hye Ja are good. Joo Hyuk is also good and so is Ho Joon ㅎㅎㅎ