Nam Ji Hyun For Marie Claire


Naver – Osen: Nam Ji Hyun “I’m always careful with monitoring…I worry about which appearance looks better”

1.[+769, -43] A pretty actress~~

2.[+565, -18] An actress who is pretty and good at acting~~

3.[+514, -20] It’s nice to see a natural face with no surgery^^

4.[+422, -13] I still can’t forget ‘Suspicious Partner’ ㅠㅠㅠ Lovely Bong Hee ㅠㅠ

5.[+310, -10] Her acting is really good, I smile a lot lately thanks to Hong Shim

6.[+174, -8] Because she is a natural beauty, she is pretty and her acting is so good…Even if i don’t know her but whenever she comes out I always want to watch her…such a good actress…Don’t fix anything and age beautifully as an actress…I’m cheering for you~~

7.[+132, -2] Ever since “The Great Queen Seondeok”, I thought her acting was good

8.[+121, -7] I watched her in Suspicious Partner then Shopping King Louis and now I enjoy watching Hundred Days My Prince. She has a clean image and her acting is really good, She is good at delivering her lines and capturing emotions, she is good at making you get immersive. I’m sure her pronunciation keeps getting clearer. I will always support you!

9.[+108, -1] All of Nam Ji Hyun’s works are so fun

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I love her and her acting but aren´t the last four characters she played really similar, specially the three last one. Also the story of Shopping King Louis are similar, i hope she takes a different project the next time. She´s still an amazing actress!

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