My Absolute Boyfriend Episode 1-24 Review

“You must have been very lonely”

My absolute boyfriend which is based on manga series “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase is classical romcom that offers love triangle, jealousy, misunderstandingsā€¦and a handsome robot as a bonus?

Da-Da (Minah) works as a special effects make-up artist and has a long term secret relationship with Wang Joon (Hong Jong Hyun) who is total eye candy, renowned actor. When their relationship get stuck because of that secrecy and also dangerous fangirls, she finds a humanoid robot Zero Nine (Yeo Jin Goo) programmed to be the perfect boyfriend and everything gets complicated.

Defining Zero Nine as a perfect certainly isn’t exaggeration. He makes everything for her happiness but while doing this his system give minor error: He starts to yearn for love. And I believe that’s the twist of the story because Zero Nine ‘metaphorically’ is a mirror of Da-Da. Her loneliness and one sided effort in her secret relationship with Wang Joon is kinda robotic and gives clear message that we can yearn for love and feel lonely even when we are in a relationship with someone.

So the problem for me in all episodes isn’t the plot, although watching a robot as a lover is kind a Black Mirror-ish (not in K-universe with a romance sauce obviously) but its execution. It’s quite repetitive and the development is really slow. For instance her harsh attitude towards Zero Nine, which will lead you to feel more sympathy for him than anyone in this drama, stays the same through out the episodes but on the verge of losing him she suddenly decides that she wants him in her life. That makes you feel like you spend lots of time watching a senseless story-line.

I think this drama’s weakness is the number of episodes. It has so many episodes for a rom-com. This week (Episode 25-28) will air and we still have way to go till the finale. Therefore they take everything easy. But if you are fond of rom-coms you probably will like this despite of its structure but just don’t expect to watch any sci-fi scenes. He is just sexy, adorable, squishy robot not more than that.

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Are you guys watching this drama? What do you think about it?

Written by: @reinerMensch

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