Memories of the Alhambra Review

The drama was one of the most anticipated fantasy series of the year. But as it aired, it had so many mixed reviews, some hated it and some loved it! Which one were you?

The drama had a good start and so much potential. It was going strong in the first six or eight episodes and it delivered such a unique story. HOWEVER, It started to go downhill from there on, unfortunately. Let me try and explain better.

At some point the directing was weird, at first, I enjoyed the way they gave us some flashbacks to explain the present better but they over-done it in the last episodes that I was just bored with it. They really had such a confusing way of telling the story, they would sometimes build the tension so well but then suddenly cut back example: when Hyun Bin was fighting the zombies in the dungeon but we suddenly get Park Shin Hye’s scene in SK! I was like WTF!!! Other than that, the cinematography & CGI were impressive till the end!

Let’s now get to the writing! OH BOY!!! I should have known better since It’s the same writer as W but I thought she would do better this time, she won’t make the same mistake AGAIN, right? Oh stupid me!

As I said the writing started strong, with a fresh concept, nothing could go wrong with it, but as it went on as the development got weird and confusing, so many necessary things happening *cough* romance *cough* so many unsolved things and unanswered questions till the end…

Let’s take a look at some of the unanswered questions:

  • People being killed in real life while killed in the game
  • People who died came back as NPCs
  • Dead people appear even when Jin Woo or his allies aren’t playing the game
  • NPCs can hurt only Jin Woo and his allies (We saw in episode 14 how Hee Joo got logged out whenever she got hit)
  • Jin Woo can walk normally in the game!!!
  • Hee Joo talked to Emma even though she is still level 1

No, but seriously why can NPCs effect Jin Woo? Also what exactly was the point of Se Joo? He is the creator but did he do anything useful other than that? She built this climax of finding where he is for 14-episodes but when he finally came back, he did nothing other than screaming “I didn’t kill him”?! He could have found a solution, HE IS THE CREATOR!!! One more thing, how is Se Joo not a bug to the game? Even though he is not the master anymore he still killed someone in the game! What about Marco how did he disappear? Shouldn’t he also get stabbed like the others?! It’s really such a pity because it was an amazing game, if only she thought of all these answers before turning her script into a drama. It could have been spectacular.

Let’s move on from the game, What’s with Hee Joo’s character? why did you create her if you were going to give her this bad development and making her useless till the last episode! I thought she will save this with Emma but she ruined it even more! What a waste of Park Shin Hye, she was seriously only hired to cry and play the guitar. What was the use of “the almost family” guy and Jin Woo’s ex-wife? At least the ex-ex-wife helped us understand better the conflict between Jin Woo and Hyung Seok but the others? NOTHING!

The romance part was the worst for me, It was so unnatural and out of nowhere! Even the writer confessed on this saying that she added it at the last minute due to star power! GIRL if you really cared about the star power and wanted to have some romance you could have just made Hee Joo help out in the game and everything will have come naturally from there!!

My last question is, what’s Jin Woo’s nature at this point? Is he real or an NPC? Based on what Se Joo said, the master can create an instance dungeon when he is in danger, so Jin Woo definitely created that and he is hidden from the reality but somehow he chooses to reveal himself to other users!! Then how was he able to create the dungeon even after being stabbed by Emma? the answer is I don’t know lol Also why did he turn to ashes? I get the others, they are NPCs but he is a person, should he turn into a dead body? IM DONE lol

The drama was a really crazy ride, I enjoyed some parts but some were just a no for me! But I have to say I thankful that it had amazing acting, imagine if we didn’t have that too *i can’t* I truly enjoyed watching Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye and the other actors! I hope they will be more careful in choosing their upcoming project so they don’t end up with this mess!

Lastly, I don’t recommend this to anyone probably only if you’re a fan of Hyun Bin or Park Shin Hye or maybe you want to go on a crazy ride other than that don’t waste your time.

My rating:

Overall: 4.5/10
Story: 5/10
Acting: 8/10

*I apologize if the review is messy, It’s late here and I just finished watching the last episode and I had to talk about hehe*

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