Live Again, Love Again receives praise in its first show

10/10: It has good visuals!! Jung Chae Yeon and San E-nim’s acting was good!! I enjoyed watching it
10/10: More than anything I was healed because of the music that bgm covered
10/10:  The story’s development was good and the visuals were beautiful
10/10: The movie was so beautiful, This is Jung Chae Yeon’s first movie but she was good at acting. I enjoyed watching it a lot
10/10: The movie was so cute and fun!!
10/10: The movie was beautiful and I liked the ost
10/10: I was emotional to see Jung Chae Yeon on the big screen. Her acting skills was okay, I praise her for doing well on her first movie
10/10: I was impressed with the ost, I felt like the time was short
10/10: The movie itself was so beautiful ㄷㄷ
9/10: It’s better than what I expected
10/10: Yoon Hee is so beautiful
10/10: The ost is good…
10/10: It’s a good movie to watch. Vietnam came out so beautiful too, It made me want to travel there and Jung Chae Yeon and Chi Pu are both pretty and good at acting
10/10: It’s fun
10/10: The ost was so good and Chae Yeon’s acting was so good too
10/10: A lovely movie
10/10: I liked Jung Chae Yeon’s acting and the ost is good
10/10: Jung Chae Yeon’s acting was good!! I enjoyed watching it~~~
Cho Jae Hyun is accused of sexual harassment [Spoilers] Return E017-18 + Rating

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