Little Forest gets good reviews on it premier day

10/10: A must watch movie ㅋㅋㅋ
10/10: It’s a movie that’s not sweet but has sweet flavor and It’s not bitter but has bitter flavor!
10/10: It’s a healing movie for the young people, I liked Kim Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol’s chemistry!
10/10: It’s been a long time since I felt like I’ve been healed. The actors were like real friends, their chemistry was so good. For me Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol were the most memorable and impressive!
10/10: In reality there is no guy friend like Ryu Jun Yeol
10/10: It’s didn’t have any forced comedy but It was full of happiness. Kim Tae Ri’s sunny and cute appearance and Ryu Jun Yeol’s smile that makes us feel the warmth of spring is approaching at the end of winter.
10/10: I want to rest too with my good friends at a small forest 
10/10: A movie that I get to watch for a long time when I want to comfort my heart.
10/10: It’s been a long time since I watched a movie that I enjoyed, It comfort both my eyes and my heart. The food seemed good, the chemistry between the three friends was so good. Ryu Jun Yeol has a heart fluttering smile
10/10: I watched it at the premiere, I thought It will have a refreshing story but It was much brighter than I expected. I was smiling throughout the movie, It’s was warm-hearted. Make sure to watch it. 
10/10: It was warm, A movie that has my most current worries!!! I didn’t feel the time passing but every time the season changed I knew that we were closer to the end  ㅜ
8/10: It’s Kim Tae Ri’s version of ‘Korean Food Table’…. It expressed the original work well in Korean
8/10: It was really good, much better than what I expected. Honestly, it’s better than the original!!!
10/10: The person next to me was asleep but I thought the movie was a masterpiece. Kim Tae Ri’s natural performance moved the audience hearts
10/10: A beautiful movie that cleans your soul properly 
10/10: It was a healing movie, this was the best out of the movies they were recently released 
10/10: It’s a movie that is a mukbang for the eyes and healing for the heart~
10/10: A movie that comfort your heart
10/10: It was warm
The movie was released yesterday and it’s currently #2 at the box office with 313.873 admissions