Let’s Talk: What’s NetizenDrama watching this month? (October)


Hello beautiful people, How have you been? I’m back again with Let’s talk for this month^^ Oh god this month is really full of dramas and they are all fun in their own way!

Before I started talking about dramas, I wanted to thank you for all your support whether it’s here or on my twitter account! and I really hope you liked the new blog hehe^^

And now let’s start talking 😍

I. Dramas that i’m watching:

1. The Ghost Detective:


I never thought that I will love this drama this much! It’s a pity that not a lot of people are watching it, it truly deserves more ratings and popularity! each episodes leaves me in awe, I’m always curious about what’s going to happen next! episode 15-16’s ending got me shocked, my mouth stayed open even after the episode ended! *spoilers* glad that our Da Il is alive and now I can freely ship our main leads hehe BUT i’m also noticing that the development is kinda loose lately, It’s still fun and all but it started to focus more on the romance don’t get me wrong i love me some Choi Daniel & Park Eun Bin romance and i truly wish for a happy ending! but it’s not as intense as it used to be!! like the first episodes were hard for me to watch because they were so scary *to me* but now, they are not!! and i don’t know why it’s bothering me since i really hate scary things but i don’t know hehe i’m making no sense right? i will just stop here then hehe…

2. Hundred Days My Prince:


Remember when I said that I don’t like sageuk dramas and I will probably drop this one soon..well…i take that back hehe…this drama is so good, definitely better than I thought, it’s so funny yet so heart fluttering! Do Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun’s chemistry is so good, like they are made for their character especially Do Kyung Soo, his acting as Won Duk is just the best thing *I started laughing just by remembering him* I really can’t wait for him to get his memory back and know the truth, how will he get his place back as the crown prince, how will he fight that vice-president and must importantly how will he fight for his love! I can’t wait!

3. Terius Behind Me:


The first 2 episodes were so messy and all over the place to the point where I thought that this drama will just flop, yes So Ji Sub is cute with those kids but i felt like they were forcing the drama to be funny and mysterious at the same time but things changed after this week’s episode (E05-08), It’s like they made a good balance between the two genres and it was so fun to watch!! the acting in this one is really good and So Ji Sub’s character is way too cute and cool! *episode 8’s ending 😍* can’t wait to see how he will save her and how the story will progress, I hope it keeps getting more and more fun ^^

4. The Third Charm:


Seo Kang Joon and Esom are so cute and they have a really good chemistry BUT is it weird that i’m not totally loving this drama like the others? like everyone on my timeline is just loving it and i’m just here like “mmm…it’s good but not THAT good!” I don’t know why i feel like this but probably because i had a really high expectation and it turned to be just another rom/com..I really don’t know…also the fast development is kinda scaring me…we have seen a lot in just 3 episodes!! i’m really curious about how the story will progress and i really hope my view towards it change otherwise i feel like i will be dropping it…

5. Where Stars Land:


MY NEW FAVORITE DRAMA!!! I’m just in love with this drama! the first episodes were SO GOOD!! I see people complaining here and there but i’m just here loving it! the story is so good and fresh, this is the first drama that talks about how things work in the airport, we always get to see the hospitals, courts, police stations but never the airports other than that the chemistry and the acting are also SO GOOD! people are hating on Chae Soo Bin but I can’t help but see her as a cutie 😍 yes, her character is a little annoying but that’s her character not her!! also i’m sure she will grow throughout the drama! no words for Lee Je Hoon and his walkie talkie hehe We got to know that he doesn’t feel pain in his arms, i’m curious to know how that happened? also what about his strength? and that magnet hand? also i’m sure he has some past-relation with Chae Soo Bin’s character, there are still cuts of his younger ver. with Chae Soo Bin’s father…also what’s with the bar/coffee that has the same name as the drama? I’M SO CURIOUS AND CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODES!!!

6. Beauty Inside:


This drama turned out to be much better than I thought! I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, yes I love the leads but i thought how will they develop such story but i’m surprised because i truly liked the first 2 episodes! It wasn’t boring at all, time just flew by and the development was quiet interesting! however, will it always be this interesting? as I said i feel like the story isn’t somethings you can develop into 16 episodes and keep it fun!! but you never know, let’s wait and see…

7. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes:


Now this drama really surprised me! I never thought it will be this fun/enjoyable!! I thought it will be a boring melodrama but OH MY GOD!! totally loving the story and totally curious about what’s going to happen next! is he really the killer? what about the scars they both have? IM SO CURIOUS!!! also Seo In Guk’s eyes and the way his expression changes is totally amazing!!

8. Bad Papa:


I really don’t have much to say about this drama, Jang Hyuk is totally nailing this role, I really loved his acting as a father, it’s so realistic! the plot was also good and can’t wait to see how things will progress…

9. The Player:


and another fun drama hehe BUT this one is a little less fun than the others because I feel like it doesn’t have something new to it! the concept/story has already been used multiple times “Bad guys doing good things” so the development is kinda predictable! it’s has some “Switch” and “Squad 38” vibes but i’m definitely still watching it, hopefully it stays fun till the end!

II. Dramas I have dropped/Didn’t watch:

– Devilish Joy: I tried my best not to drop this drama, I tried my best to stay for Choi Jin Hyuk’s smile but I just couldn’t!! the development but mostly the female character is so frustrating and pitiful! the first episode was fun and cute but the rest was just a no for me! Gong Ma Sung was just selfish and disrespectful toward Joo Gi Bum, like he didn’t want to tell her anything but still want her to fall for him and be understanding!! he wanted to date her for a season just so he can see how he feels and then dump her without caring what she actually feels!!! that kiss in episode 6 *i think* i’m not gonna lie it was good *damn* BUT in the previous scene she said no to you, she doesn’t want to date you! but then again it’s a drama and when the male lead kisses the girl all the problems just disappear!! I’m sure the story is better now *i hope* but i just couldn’t keep watch it!!

– Heart Surgeons: I didn’t even watch this drama after reading netizens comments and seeing some screen shots!! yes i’m talking about using a glue and getting in and out of the surgery room just like that!

III. Dramas that will air this month and I’m excited to watch:

1. Room Nine:


The story is definitely my type and the female cast are just amazing so I totally can’t wait to watch it *i have already downloaded the first episode hehe*


Eulji Hae-Yi (Kim Hee-Seon) is a lawyer at a big law firm. She flatters people who hold power, but looks down upon those who are poor. Eulji Hae-Yi does anything to win her cases. She will soon receive a promotion to senior partner at the law firm. Her boyfriend is Ki Yoo-Jin (Kim Young-Kwang). He works as a family medicine doctor. He seems like a gentleman, but he hides his cruelty.

Meanwhile, Eulji Hae-Yi meets death-row convict Jang Hwa-Sa (Kim Hae-Sook) in room 9 in the prison’s visitation area. In room 9, when Eulji Hae-Yi meets Jang Hwa-Sa, their bodies are exchanged

2. Matrimonial Chaos:


just look at the cast!!! Bae Doo Na – Cha Tae Hyun – Lee El – Son Seok Koo!! how can I not watch this drama!! the cast are just SO GOOD!!! but i have to say I really can’t believe that Bae Doo Na chose this as her comeback drama hehe


Jo Seok-Moo (Cha Tae-Hyun) graduated from a prestigious university, but he pursued his dream of becoming a musician rather than finding a traditional job. Jo Seok-Moo did not become a musician and because of his advanced age, he could not land a decent job. He then began working at a security service company. There, he met Kang Whee-Roo (Bae Doo-Na) for the first time as his customer. They have have been married for 3 years now, but Jo Seok-Moo asks for a divorce. They do not have very much in common. Jo Seok-Moo has a stubborn personality and enjoys spending time alone, while Kang Whee-Roo is easy-going and has a positive personality.

In front of them, the married couple of Jin Yoo-Young (Lee El) and Lee Jang-Hyun (Son Seok-Koo) appear. Jin Yoo-Young is Jo Seok-Moo’s first love.

(All plots are credited to AsianWiki).

IV. Drama that i have finished watching + My rating (from ⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

1. My Id Is Gangnam Beauty: (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)


This drama was beyond amazing! It talked about such serious subjects but in a light and fun way! I truly didn’t expect much from it but I end up totally loving it! It was such a cute, pleasant romance, that talks about self-esteem, confidence, happiness, mental health, pressure of beauty standards. which is hard to find in kdramas! You can read my full review about this drama Here

2. Thirty But Seventeen: (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)


My happy, sweet and cute drama! I was really sad when this drama ended! each episode was positive, warm-hearted and funny. It had a good balance between funny, heart fluttering, inspirational and touching. It made me cry and laugh at the same time, It was seriously SO GOOD!! It has the perfect story, acting, directing and even music! each character kept growing and we got more attached to them to the pointed where I cried my eyes out when they waved at the camera in the last episodes! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! believe me it’s not just your typical kdrama, It’s much much better!!

3. Life: (⭐️⭐️⭐️)


Yes this drama aired way back in July but i wasn’t in the mood to watch it back then and I only watched it now! This drama has really mixed reviews and I think everyone has its own opinion and you should watch it for yourself to judge it better! but for me, I’m really disappointed in this drama mostly in the story! It could have been better it could have even ended better but nope…the drama was good/enjoyable up till episode 11 but then it went downhill. I was watching and thinking “i’m sure the ending will be good, I’m sure all this frustrating will go away” but the ending was even more disappointing! I like how they talked about the medical industry and how dirty it is but i felt like there was no conclusion! they fired the director and got a new! i felt like what they fought for was all for nothing because the actual problem wasn’t solved! I wished Mr. Koo would have fought with them at least something would have changed! also I don’t get why the writer kept pushing the loveline! was Dr. No Eul suppose to make Mr. Koo a good person? but he is already a good one!! he didn’t need her to make him or us realize that! we saw how he hated the doctors for covering up their mistakes, how he was afraid that Director Oh will get hurt! he is just a businessman that started from nothing and was afraid of lose everything!! the romance was so unnecessary and I couldn’t see any chemistry what so ever!! but Jo Seung Woo nailed his character *god he is so good*! oh i’m also so disappointed in Lee Dong Wook, his acting was so weak and bad!! like what happened to him!!!

+ Bonus:


V. Variety Shows:

unfortunately i’m still not watching any variety shows at the moment🙈

I think that’s it for this month, I hope I didn’t forget anything hehe and yes i know i’m watching a lot of dramas and may god help me hehe. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also don’t forget to tell me which dramas/Variety shows are you watching and which drama are you looking forward to watch this month.

See you guys in the comments section 💕

– NetizenDrama; Nina

[Spoilers] Where Stars Land E05-06 + Rating [Spoilers] The Third Charm E02-03 + Rating


Im currently watching 100days with my husband.. i love the lead actors , i got to know do.kyungsu and it amazes me how good his acting is..


Life deserves a daesang tbvh, the cast is so classy and i mean… we’re talking about Cho Seungwoo so yeah…
I’m watching The Ghost Detective too and it’s so fun and interesting Choi Daniel is oozing with sexiness that hair, broad shoulders, and outfits OMG so fudging sexy.
I’m also watching The Guest and it’s so scary and good.
I’m gonna watch bad papa, the smile has left your eyes and Were the stars lands right after i finish Your Honor (4 ep left).
Will keep watching Heart Surgeons, I’m sure they’re gonna get better.

yes Cho Seung Woo deserves a daesang but not the drama/story…choi daniel’s broad shoulders are love hehe i feel like crying whenever someone says he is watching the guest, I really want to watch it but my heart can’t take it 🙁

Well, I also read netizens comments. I agree with their comments about the glue thing so I didn’t want to watch it. But I tried to ignore their comments and watched it. And it”s a good drama. There’s no hole in acting (same like in Defendant). Go Soo, Uhm Ki Joon, and Seo Ji Hye are really good.


Right now the only drama that i´m watching without leaving it lol The plot is fun and it´s the perfect mix between political historical drama and rom-com.

I was watching Deviously because it was hella heart fluttering but kind of drope it because of the same reasons than you. I´m hoping for a drama more realistic without chaebols, i´m kind of fed up with them. And please, more university students dramas!!!

I wantto watch The smile has left your eyes, it plot looks hella good, Beauty Inside, because of the actors, and Where stars land, the idea of the airport was good, if i´m not wrong it´s the first drama placed there.

For variety shows Dancing High, the performance are amazing but i don´t like how much voice the audience have on the perf. they´re too bias. Also i´m watching from time to time any episode of Knowing Bros

If you’re enjoying Ghost Detective, I’d recommend Hand: The Guest, it just gets better and better by each episode (and you get to watch Kim Jae Wook in Priest garb which is fantastic, whoever decided this was a genius). I’m also enjoying 100 Days Prince, the leads are perfect together.

i finished watching
My Id Is Gangnam Beauty
i liked the story and it was new and interesting but the leads acting was really weak for me the male lead in the beginning wasn’t fit to cold image and the female lead in the ending ep was off
Thirty But Seventeen
I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, i wasn’t expect much when i started it, i was in drama slump for along time but i loved everything in it so much every character and actor was so good. maybe that’s why I criticized My id GB in this way.

drama i’m watching now
Hundred Days My Prince:
i watched all 8 ep in 2days it’s so good, fun and nice romance and interesting, D.O is so funny his acting on point , i don’t watch a lot of historical drama just my fav. actors drama and DO don’t let my down with this drama.
Bad Papa:
it’s Jang Hyuk so it’s must watch for me, i dropped his last drama but i think this will be my treat 😉 I sympathized with him and his wife, its realistic and i liked the daughter too
The Third Charm:
it’s nice i loved ep1,2 but when i watched ep3,4 i don’t know what will happened? like the give up an end in the beginning !! i hope they will surprise me
the Guest:
well i don’t know i like one ep and dislike the next! it’s like that for me.

You’re so good at watching so many dramas wow! ~Teach me your ways~
Also your new website design is absolutely lovely! Glad to have you back lady <3

His name was not imaginary. Na Won Deuk was/is an actual person that her father knew and wanted her to marry. But, since he already talked to her about Won Deuk and she told people thats who she was waiting to marry he lied and told DO that is was Won Deuk. For all we know the real one could still be away in the army or have died, they didnt let us know the outcome when she sent DO to Won Deuk’s house just that he then knew that he was/is not Won Deuk.

i didn’t know that only after watching the new episodes! i really thought he was imaginary but turned out he is real and still in the army *i think*

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