Let’s Talk: What’s NetizenDrama watching this month? (March)

Hello beautiful people, How have you been? I’m back again with Let’s talk for this month! I think this month I don’t have that much of currently watching dramas, I definitely dropped some from last month and of course I binged watched others hehe

So let’s stop rambling and start talking about this month dramas! YAY!

I. Dramas that I’m watching:

1. The Fiery Priest: (20/40)

If you look for a fun drama to watch where you don’t have to think about anything and just laugh for the whole hour, this is the drama for your hehe It’s so funny and time just flies by whenever I watch it! However I have to say, the development was a little slow in some episodes but I still didn’t mind it that much since It’s still good and fun to watch lol Kim Nam Gil just have good chemistry with everyone, from Lee Honey to Kim Sung Kyun to the cute priest Jeon Sung Woo which I honestly ship them lol. I really hope it stays this fun till the end, also their is some progress in the story in the last episodes so I can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

The Fiery Priest First Impression/Review

2. He is Psychometric: (04/16)

This drama is slowly climbing into my current favorite especially after Romance Is Bonus Book and The Light In Your Eyes have ended. It has such a good and fast development, also a good balance of fun/light and serious scenes especially in the last episode (4). The acting is still good and so is the directing! As it goes, I keep getting more curious about the brother/prosecutor, looks like he really have a dark past and I can’t wait to find more about it! I truly hope people will give it a chance and don’t ignore it just because the male lead is an idol and the female lead is a rookie. Believe me it’s good and fun to watch!

He is Psychometric First Impression/Review

(yep that’s it for the dramas I’m currently watching hehe)

II. Dramas I have dropped/On-hold:

  • The Last Empress: I somehow lost interest in it, probably because It got draggy, probably because they added more episodes or probably because the male lead just stepped down, either way, I wasn’t feeling it anymore
  • The Crowned Clown: I know I said I will never drop this and I never will, It’s just I had to pause it for now because my life is stressful right now and I don’t need more stress from watching this drama
  • Trap: Same as The Crowned Clown, It’s just on pause for now
  • Item: I tried my best to stay for Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Kang Woo but the drama was way too boring and I just couldn’t handle it anymore

III. Dramas that will air this month and I’m excited to watch:

1. Doctor Prisoner:

I’m honestly not super looking forward to this drama, as I said my life is already stressful right now so I’m not looking for a serious drama with mystery and requests a lot of thinking BUT how can I miss this one when the cast is this good? I know It already aired and hopefully I will watch the first 2 episodes tonight!

PLOT: The drama tell the story of a skilled doctor who is forced to quit the hospital after being accused of medical malpractice. He starts working in a prison with the goal of acquiring enough connections to take his revenge.

2. Kill It:

Only 2 days till my most anticipated drama!!! I’m so looking forward to this drama, I love the leads so much, the story seems good and It’s on OCN, so how can I not watch it? IM SUPER EXCITED!!!

PLOT: Kim Soo-Hyun is an elite assassin. He kills his targets and disappears. His identity like race, age or name is unknown to others. Individuals, gangs and organizations from all over the world hire Kim Soo-Hyun. Deep within his mind, he wants to have affection from people. Now, Kim Soo-Hyun has to kill to find his family. Do Hyun-Jin graduated at the top of her class from a police university. She is an excellent detective who is also arrogant. She is usually dressed fashionably. Do Hyun-Jin comes across as cold-hearted, but she sympathizes with those in painful situations. Now, Do Hyun-Jin chases after Kim Soo-Hyun to reveal a mystery related to her lover’s death.

3. Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2:

When they first announced that this season won’t have the same cast as the first one expect Lee Yi Kyung, I was really disappointed. But as they kept releasing teasers and still cuts, I started to look forward to watch it. I have to say I’m a little afraid of Ahn So Hee’s acting, i love the girl but her acting isn’t the best but let’s wait and see…

PLOT: Lee Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung) is an unpopular actor. He runs the guest house Waikiki, but the guest house is facing bankruptcy. To revive the guest house, Lee Joon-Ki drags his friends Cha Woo-Sik (Kim Sun-Ho) and Kook Ki-Bong (Shin Hyun-Soo), who all graduated from the same high school, to invest in the guest house. Cha Woo-Sik is a picky person and he wants to become a singer. Due to Lee Joon-Ki, he puts all his money into Waikiki. Kook Ki-Bong used to be a promising baseball player, but he now plays in the minor leagues. Due to Lee Joon-Ki, he also puts all his money into Waikiki. Along with these 3 men, Han Soo-Yeon (Moon Ga-Young), Kim Jung-Eun (Ahn So-Hee) and Cha Yoo-Ri (Kim Ye-Won) all begin to live at Waikiki.

III . Drama that i have finished watching + My rating (from ⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)


  • Romance Is A Bonus Book (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): This drama was really fun to watch till the end. I was satisfied with the plot and I appreciate the way it was neatly developed. It made me feel at ease and really relaxing whenever I watched it. There were no unnecessary dragging and everything was smoothly build up and made sense at the end.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Review

  • The Light In Your Eyes (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): The drama that surprised everyone. Have you ever seen a drama started with a specific genre but ended with a different one? It’s this drama. The writer hid the real plot really well and shocked us with a plot twist in the last episodes. It was a touching and heartwarming drama that teach you valuable lessons about life and time. A true masterpiece and I will remember it for a long time.

The Light in Your Eyes Review


  • Red Balloon (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): It was a short and beautiful drama! I cried my eyes out in the last episode, even though it was a happy ending i still got emotional! I also loved the OST it just made the drama more perfect!
  • Club Friday The Series Season 8: True Love…or Confusion (⭐️⭐️⭐️): I don’t know what to say about the story since It’s based of a real story. The male lead was truly selfish, all he had to do was stay away from his best-friend and the girl till he figure out his true feelings but he kept making a mistake after another till it got complicated and lost both *kinda*! But it was still an enjoyable drama and wished the ending was more clear..
  • WaterBoyy (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): It was a cute drama and I really hope their will be a second season or a special, I felt the ending was rushed and I need more of Waii and Apo! I also wish BL dramas stop making the girlfriend try so hard to keep the relationship with the male lead even though she clearly knows he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore


  • Todome no Kiss (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): I think this was my first official J-drama other than Ossan’s love which It was a BL! I really loved this drama, It had a unique plot and so many unpredictable and exciting events. I was okay with the ending this one had, everyone got their happy ending and I was happy to see Otaro (the male lead) grow as a character and keep his promise in the end…But thankful as I wished he ended up with Saiko in Todome no Parallel (Episode 10)

I’ve watched so many J-movies because of all your recommendations on twitter: Chihayafuru (Part1-2-3), Orange, From Me To You, Heroine Disqualified, Your Lie in April, Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You, One week friends, Little Monster, Teiichi’s Country, Drowning Love, LDK, Blue Spring Ride, River’s Edge and To Each His Own. They were all so good, I truly enjoyed each one of them and I still got more on my list, hopefully I will keep up with them next week


  • His Excellency’s First Love (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️): The drama started out well but the development got messy in the middle, where the story focused more on the supporting actors and the leads started to feel like a cameo but I still enjoyed watching it even with all the flaws.

His Excellency’s First Love Thoughts/Review

V. Variety Shows:

Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to watch any variety shows lately…

I think that’s it for this month, I hope I didn’t forget anything hehe If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also don’t forget to tell me which dramas/Variety shows are you watching and which drama are you looking forward to watch this month.

See you guys in the comments section 💕

– NetizenDrama; Nina

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