Let’s Talk: What’s NetizenDrama watching this month? (February)

Hello beautiful people, How have you been? I’m back again with Let’s talk for this month^^
Too many dramas have started recently so I have a lot to talk about hahaha
So let’s not waste time and get into talking 😍
I. Dramas that i’m watching:

1. Radio Romance:

I was waiting for this drama since the day they announced the cast. To be honest, the drama is childish also the story is predictable but it’s really fun to watch! till now I don’t have any complains except I hope they show us more about Ji Soo Ho’s past so we can understand more why he is being cold toward Geu Rim. Even tho we got some flashbacks here and there I’m curious about the full story, also I feel like Lee Gang has some kind of relation between the two of them, maybe something happened between them in the past as well? The cast are really good at acting especially Yoon Doo Joon, he is killing me with his eyes, you can see all the emotions in his eyes it’s just AMAZING!! Also I hope people will pay more attention to Kwak Dong Yeon, I think this is the first time I see him in a fun character rather than a serious one and he honestly nailed the role. For now I will defiantly keep on watching this drama hopefully it stays light and fun till the end ^^
2. Eulachacha Waikiki:

OMG THIS DRAMA!!! I knew it will be a light/fun drama but oh my god I didn’t expect it to be this funny hahaah!!! JTBC never disappoint with her youth dramas. The cast is so good at acting, also their chemistry is amazing. I sincerely hope it stays this funny till the end, I have no feeling of dropping this drama and I’m totally looking forward to their funny adventures in the future. Also for me the baby have stolen all the spotlights, she is just SO CUTE!!! 
3. Cross:

I watched this drama because of Ko Gyung Pyo, to be honest I’m happy that he chose this serious role, I feel like he could show more of his amazing acting through this role and I wasn’t wrong, his acting in this drama is really good and not only him but the whole cast as well. I was worried about Jeon So Min’s acting but she is doing good. The story is so good that every episodes leaves on the edge of my seat. I’m so looking forward to the story’s development and I also like that he is really a good doctor but he just doesn’t want to show it because he thinks all it matter is his revenge. For now I hope they only focus on his revenge and helping patients rather than going for the romance.
4. Return:
This drama is AMAZING/BRILLIANT !! It keeps me on the edge of my seat on each episode, you seriously never know what will happen next. It’s too bad that PD ruined this! It’s really hard for me to accept that Ko Hyun Jung left the show, I feel like nobody can replace her even tho she didn’t have that much screen time compared to the others but her character is strong and needed in the story, It will be weird if they removed her character and it will be more weird if another actress played her role. But at the same time, Shin Sung Rok and Bong Tae Gyu are nailing their roles, especially SSR, he’s a psycho and a really bad person but I just can’t hate him (hahaha) I really want to know what’s going to happen!! I’m also so curious about the killer and I feel like Park Ki Woong has more to his character than just being framed. So i’m still confused, should I keep watching it or no? *help*
5. Hwayugi:

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed in this drama, I feel like there is not that much of development in the story and the only reason I keep watching it is because of the cast especially Ma Wang, I feel like without him the drama will be boring, all his scenes are so funny! I’m glad that Lee Se Young’s character doesn’t stop at being Bu Ja, I feel like she can show how good of an actress she is after she become Asanyeo. I will definitely keep on watching till the end because I want to know how will it end, will it be a happy or a sad ending? Also I heard that E13&14 are so good so I hope it makes me feel more excitement toward the drama
6. Misty:

This is my favorite drama at the moment, this drama is just PERFECT! the thing is I only watched the first episode so I could translate the netizen comments, I wasn’t excited for this it at all…but oh my…I was totally hocked. They took their time to make us understand what happened because the real story will start from next week. I couldn’t feel the time while watching the episodes, everything is interesting…Good thing that Kim Nam Joo chose this drama for her comeback because she is killing it with this role, Ji Jin Hee is so handsome but his character is so pitiful, I truly feel sorry for him but I’m so looking forward to see how he will believe in his wife and defend her. *spoilers* I was happy that Kevin Lee was the one who died, I just hated his character, he is so selfish. I’m curious to find out who is the killed but i suspect his wife. The whole cast are seriously doing an amazing job portraying their characters..I highly recommend you to watch it, it’s FIRE!!!
II. Dramas that i have dropped:

Unfortunately the only drama that I have dropped is Mother. Don’t get me wrong the acting, the story and everything is so good but I’m not in the mood for a serious/depressing drama right now, I will make sure to watch it later but for now I will pass *sorry*
III. Dramas that air this month and i’m looking forward to it:

1. Queen Of Mystery 2:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read they were making a second season. This drama was one of my favorites from last year, I seriously can’t wait for season 2 but I’m a little sad that ‘Lee Won Geun’ won’t participate in it and i’m really curious about how they will remove his character. I’m so looking forward to this season’s cases also i’m hoping for a little romance between the lead, you can see they have feeling for each other and i was a little sad that nothing happened between them last season. If you haven’t watched season 1 I sincerely recommend you to do so ^^
Yoo Seol-Ok (Choi Gang-Hee) has thrown away her life as a housewife. She teams up with Detective Ha Wan-Seung (Kwon Sang-Woo) to solve mystery cases.

2. Should We Kiss First:

To be honest, I’m not totally looking forward to this drama BUT I really like the cast and I will watch the first episode for them, I really hope it turns out to be a fun drama
Story follows the love lives of four adults who have lost their faith in love. Son Moo-Han (Kam Woo-Sung) works as a managing director of an advertising company. An Soon-Jin (Kim Sun-A) lost her daughter unexpectedly and she works as a flight attendant. Eun Kyung-Soo (Oh Ji-Ho) is An Soon-Jin’s ex-husband and he is now married to Baek Ji-Min (Park Si-Yeon).

3. Children of A Lesser God:

I’m SO looking forward to this drama, I mean come on it’s OCN!!! I totally trust in OCN when it comes to supernatural dramas. Also the cast are so good and the story looks promising. There is no way that I will be missing this!!
Cheon Jae-In is a detective and he is extremely smart. He is guided by only facts, logic and numbers. Kim Dan is a detective. She possesses a supernatural ability to see the moments when victims die. They are totally different in personality, but they work together to uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization.

IV. Dramas that I’ve finished watching this month + My rating (from 1 to 10)

1. Doubtful Victory:

Rating: 8/10
This drama could have been the best drama of the year but unfortunately the writer turned the drama from a masterpiece to a makjang. The writer really ruined everything in the last episodes but nevertheless the drama was so fun and it had so many twists and unpredictable things. You never know what will happen in the next minute It was full of surprises. The cast were all amazing actors and one of the reason I enjoyed watching this drama.
2. Just Between Lovers:

Rating: 10/10
This drama was truly a masterpiece. Even tho I’ve never cried as much as I cried watching this drama but It was worth it. It had an amazing story, cinematography and acting. It was totally perfect. I enjoyed watching every second of it and *spoilers* thankfully it had a happy ending. The lead did a good job portraying their character, they made me cry, laugh and made my heart flutter. I will be looking forward to their upcoming work.
3. I’m not A Robot:
Rating: 7/10
This drama was cute and refreshing but it had a predictable/childish story however the leads acting saved this drama for me. Also the chemistry between the cast was so fun to watch. I totally enjoyed watching but at the same time I felt like it was a waste of the leads acting. I truly wish to see them again in a good/better drama.
4. Prison Playbook / Wise Prison Life:

Rating: 10/10
As expected of Shin PD, he created another masterpiece after ‘Reply’ series. The drama was so funny, realistic, sad and heartwarming! All the actors were so good, they did such an amazing job portraying their characters. Of course I was upset with what he did to my favorite character ‘Haerongie’ but after reading some of the actor’s interviews I could understand the ending a little bit, which he said that the ending was the most realistic and it should give more awareness about drugs, also no matter how cute Haerongie was, he was a criminal. I really hope they make a second season for this drama but this time it will be female version ^^
V. Variety Shows:

I’m still watching ‘Master In The House’ and it’s my favorite variety show at the moment. Also I’m back at watching 1N2D and I totally forgot how fun it is (hahaha)

And as usual I sometimes watch ‘Knowing Bros’ depending on the guests!

So yes guys, i think this is it for this month, If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also don’t forget to tell me which dramas/Variety shows are you watching and which drama are you looking forward to watch this month.

See you guys in the comments section 💕

– NetizenDrama