Let’s Talk: What I’m watching this month? (August)

Hello beautiful people, How are you? I hope you’re having a good day. It’s been a long time since I have uploaded on the website and I’m truly sorry about that. It’s summer, I go out more than I’m used to, plus I started my internship, so it’s hard to catch up with my dramas let alone write reviews or translate comments. HOWEVER, I’m trying to change, and re-do my schedule so I can keep up with everything hehe So please bear with me these days and hopefully you will see more updates from me 💕

Okay, I’m gonna stop talking about myself and start talking about our favorite things a.k.a KDRAMAS. LETS GO!!

I. Dramas that I’m Currently Watching:

1.Doctor John: (26/32)

My current favorite drama. I’m just SO in love with it. From story, acting to directing everything is just good. Ji Sung is killing me with his gaze and he needs to stop, I’m always lost in his eyes whenever they give him a close up lol I love Lee Se Young but sweetie that haircut needs to go, It’s been episodes and I still can’t get used to it, who ever is responsible for that please change it. Other than that everything is perfect. I’m loving the chemistry between the leads and the second leads couple are also cute (I’m secretly having a crush on our rising actor ‘Hwang Hee’). I feel it has a good balance of ‘possible’ romance and medical stories which is always fascinating and heart-touching to watch. They hinted in the latest episode that the illness is eating up our male lead and I’m really afraid it will get a sad ending since CIPA can’t be cured, so I’m curious to see how things will go. Also please give Lee Kyu Hyung more screen time, he is one of the leads yet he appears only for 1 minute per episode, his character is still a mystery to me, all I can think of, is his child and that nurse’s child died because of the patient ‘Yoon Sung Gyu’ and that’s why they hate Dr. Yo Han, because he ended his suffer, BUT in the last episode he seemed more calm than the nurse, so I’m really curious about him.

2. Class of Lies: (9/16)

My second favorite drama. You just can’t predict anything from this drama and I believe episode 9’s ending proves this. ITS SO GOOD and totally my type. I can’t trust anyone in this drama except our male lead and his friend lol even our female lead is too naive and I believe her telling that student (sorry I forgot his name) about Ki Kang Je’s real identity will backfire big time. I want to know Beom Jin’s story, like why is he like that? what made him become this monster? I mean all the kids are monsters but Beom Jin is just on another level. I’m curious about who killed Butler Lee? but most importantly Soo Ah. I love how they are giving us a little of information in each episode while keeping the mystery and excitement going. I really hope it stays this good till the end.

3. Designated Survivor: 60 Day: (14/16)

As much as I hate political dramas, I truly LOVE this one. Just look at the cast, how can I not check this out? Surprisingly the story turned out to be even better and kept getting better as it went. I didn’t watch the original so I have nothing to compared it to. The story is also full of twists and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I honestly almost drop it but only because I missed too many episodes but thankful I caught up and fell in love with it again. Episode 14’s ending was shocking and got me mad. Like I hate his character, but you built it up all these episodes just to kill him like that? I really wished he had a different ending. I’m also so curious about the VIP. I really have no idea who it could be but at the same time I’m suspicious of Secretary Han. What do you guys think?

3. Hotel Del Luna: (10/16)

This is probably the most beautiful drama. Cinematography wise, It’s just so pretty. IU is totally shinning in this drama, whether it’s her acting, which she is nailing Man Wol’s character, or her outfits, which they are the highlights of each episode (Thank you stylist). The chemistry between the cast is so good and our girl IU manged to have amazing chemistry with all 3 men, even on twitter you notice everyone is shipping her with a different guy lol. At first, I was more interested in the past part, at some point, I found the present story not that interesting, I kept on going for the cinematography and IU’s outfits, yes those were the reasons lol. But after the recent episodes, after wrapping up the past, things got more interesting and exciting. From Yeon Woo coming back, to the possibility of Chung Myung’s spirit coming into the picture as well to a new serial killer that we are not sure whether he is an evil spirit, a psycho or just both lol. Plus, our leads finally opened their hearts to each other. I’m really excited to see how things will go from here on. Will it be a happy or a sad ending for our Man Wol?

4. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung: (20/32)

A drama that I never expected to love. I still can’t believe that I enjoying a sageuk drama, not only that, I really wasn’t looking forward to this drama. To me, the leads acting was questionable and I wasn’t that interesting because It’s sageuk but you know I decided to watch it out of curiosity and thank god I did because I’m really enjoying it right now. I mean Cha Eun Woo’s acting is still a little awkward but I don’t know if he approved as the drama went or I got used to it or there are no emotional scenes lately but yeah I don’t mind it anymore lol The female lead’s character is probably my favorite. I love that she is not afraid to express her feelings. Usually, we see the guy showing/introducing the girl to new books at the library but here its the opposite. Goo Hae Ryung is more open-minded and educated than our prince and she is showing him and teaching him new things. Not only Goo Hae Ryung but the other female historians as well. I love how they don’t want to live as flowers but want to contribute in the society and do what they want and love. The chemistry is good between all the cast. Whether it’s the leads, or the crown prince and the prince, the historian and the prince the historian and the crown prince and even the historian and our female lead (which I seriously ship hard lol). So yeah, It’s a really fun drama to watch.

5. I Wanna Hear Your Song: (08/32)

Another drama that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. I watched it only because of curiosity. I didn’t read the story nor watch the teasers for this one, I went in knowing nothing. The first episode was weird, like everything was all over the place, getting introduced to every character possible lol At first I didn’t feel the chemistry between anyone but the story was so interesting and that’s what kept me going. The chemistry is still a little bit off but I’m enjoying it lol We keep getting a little pieces of her past each episode and episode 8 ending was really unexpected. I’m so curious about what really happened back then. Another thing is, our lead had there first kiss but in the first episode they clearly said ‘This is not a love story’ so I’m really curious to see how the story will unfold.

6. When the Devil Calls Your Name: (04/16)

I’m honestly on the edge of dropping this drama. To me, this was a big disappointment. The story is fresh and interesting but the way its being developed is just boring. Jung Kyoung Ho & Park Sung Woong’s chemistry and scenes are the best but not enough to keep me going. Like the drama is a little messy. One time its funny, then it gets serious then it suddenly gets boring lol The male’s character is unstable, one time he is a jerk then he feels bad then he goes back to being a jerk again, like what is he supposed to be? The female lead’s character is the most boring and frustrated character I’ve ever seen. I get she is this first degree soul but come on girl, have some self-respect. I don’t know I just I’m not feeling the drama but I will try to watch the recent episodes and then see. Are you guys enjoying it?

II. Dramas that I need to catch up with:

1.Love Affairs in the Afternoon: (06/16)

After going on vacation with the family, I missed a lot of episodes and I really want to catch up with it but I can’t find the time. I was really enjoying it, even though It talks about affairs It still had a calm feeling to it and what I enjoyed the most about it, is that each character has it’s own story. I was so happy for the women to try and find their own happiness, their husbands are the worst, but this doesn’t mean I’m all for cheating yet I still can’t help but ship them lol. Anyways, It’s a really good drama that I will truly make sure to catch up with it.

2. At Eighteen: (01/16)

I honestly dropped this drama after watching the first episode lol I somehow wasn’t feeling the episode, It was boring even though the acting was good I just didn’t enjoy it and then I went on vacation and I didn’t care about it anymore BUT lately I’ve seen everyone on my twitter praising it and enjoying it and It kinda made me feel that I didn’t give the drama a chance and maybe I should watch the other episodes and see. So yeah, I will try to give it a another chance and catch up soon hehe.

What are you guys watching this month? What drama are you enjoying the most?

See you guys in the comments section 💕

– NetizenDrama; Nina