Sky Castle Episode 18 (Review)

This episode was full of ups and downs and of course a lot of tears! It breaks my heart to see how everyone has come too, some I pity them, some I don’t get why they are doing this yet I feel like I understand them but still what’s wrong is wrong!

I was really shocked by this scene! How Yeh Su’s mother defended couch Kim and told her husband that’s his fault and not hers, she has a point in some of what she said, he did cause Hye Na’s death but to use his guilt to stop him was just wrong especially when the real killer is in front of them! but she keeps denying it so Yeh Su can go to college. The way Yeh Su’s mother keeps being selfish/greedy just disgust me!

I though that Teacher Jo will have a hand in revealing the truth and help them but after seeing today’s episode, he is just hopeless!

Woo Joo and his family are seriously the most pitiful people in this drama! just by looking at them I get tears in my eyes! When Woo Joo said that he thinks this is all happening because he was a bad kid to his mother, it just broke my heart and made me remember how in the previous episode his mother said it was her fault because she is not his real mother! there love for each other makes it, even more, heartbreaking! *I’m tearing up while writing this*

I love how the ladies came by and supported Woo Joo’s mother just like they did when the twins’ mother had it tough! I love their bond and how they have each other back! I truly wish Yeh Su’s mother would sincerely join them but oh well…

Kang Joon Sang was one of today’s highlights! It may have taken him 50 years and after killing his daughter just to realize that he was living the wrong life! He was living under his mother’s orders to the point where he doesn’t know how to make any decisions without her! She made him feel that what others think is more important than what he wants, that you should be at the top to be respected! Same as the twins’ father. I love how when his wife name all his titles, father, husband, director, etc..he respond with “There is no Kang Joon Sang”! He lived for others especially his mother rather than for himself! I used to really hate him but after today’s episode, I just pity him, at least he came back to his senses, not like someone else a.k.a Han Seo Jin!

So Kang Joon Sang spoke his mind, made it clear that everything is not worth it and asked his wife to stop being greedy yet in the next scene we saw her take the exams from coach Kim!! Is college that important to you? Did you see how your daughter has been acting? HOWEVER I have a feeling that she will use that envelop against coach Kim, I mean Han Seo Jin’s a smart woman, after all, she knows Yeh Su still has a little chance if she asks for forgiveness! So with that envelop they can catch that psycho *praying this would happen*

The second highlights of this episode were my favorite cha family specifically our queen No Seung Hye! The woman has finally snapped and she snapped really hard! Cha Min Hyuk is really funny but his actions and words are just so wrong! He wants to be respected but he is being such a bad example to the kids! I loved how even though the kids said they don’t want to live with him, how after all he had done she still gave him a chance to change, she still gave him a simple condition to make the family stick together but he didn’t care because he underestimated her, he thought they would never dare to leave! well laughs on him!

I loved how she left the house empty with only the pyramid inside it! You can stay in the top alone lol She left him a letter confessing all her feelings, I honestly thought he will start crying and feel bad for losing his family but in all of this, all he thought about was “The boys are in their senior year. Their midterm exam is just around the corner. They can’t be wasting even a second.” at this point I was just speechless! lol

The epilogue got me shocked! BUT it kinda proves my theory where Yeh Su’s mother will take those papers to the police or something rather than giving it to her daughter and like that Coach Kim will just kill herself rather than going to jail! *maybe*

That’s it for today’s episode! I usually write my thought on twitter but since this drama is so full of surprises I didn’t want to spoil anyone! I hope I delivered my thoughts clearly, I apologize for any mistakes and can’t wait to read your thoughts about this episode in the comments 🙂

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