Lee Yoo Ri vs Goo Hye Sun

Naver – Sports Seoul: New week-end drama confrontation, Lee Yoo Ri’s powerful acting vs Goo Hye Sun’s star cast

1. [+4465, -131] I love watching Goo Hye Sun in Newlywed Diary but for the week-end drama, Lee Yoo Ri wins !!

2. [+4291, -160] Lee Yo Ri wins with her acting

3. [+3560, -110] Is this written by a reporter thinking that this is a comparison???

4. [+3041, -125] Lee Yo Ri is totally an acting goddness ㅋ

5. [+2587, -95] I like both of them…But for acting, let be real, Lee Yo Ri wins

6. [+1023, -40] I would rather compare her with the Uhm Junghwa, there is no comparison with Go Hye Sun

7. [+904, -50] It seems like you are putting Goo Hye Sun with a highest level

8. [+681, -37] If you want to make an acting comparison then it should be Lee Yo Ri vs Uhm Junghwa. In that drama Uhm Junghwa is really doing a good job

9. [+458, -20] Why are you writing this article?

10. [+416, -32] This is not a comparison, for acting it should be Lee Yo Ri vs Uhm Junghwa, I think there a mistake here.
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