Ko Hyun Jung reportedly assaulted ‘Return’ PD + The actress decided to leave the drama

Naver – isplus joins: [Exclusive] Ko Hyun Jung, assault ‘Return’ PD…”The production team refuses to shoot”

1. [+34888, -4412] Wa the article is malicious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know the exact content of this case but what I know is Ko Hyun Jung has a lot to say about actors and production environment but you made her look like she stick with criminals

2. [+30248, -1986] We have to listen to both sides

3. [+25642, -1693] …Don’t write articles with the nuance of replacing Ko Hyun Jung

4. [+24400, -6118] I guess he did something he deserve it…what the hell was he doing for an actress to assault a PD…

5. [+9809, -1003] Hul..?

6. [+6331, -278] Report-nim, you have to also write what was the fight about

7. [+5895, -374] Ko Hyun Jung doesn’t usually bend to reporters or the production company, this is why all the articles are like this

8. [+5853, -645] Did the crew ask you to write it like this?

9. [+5490, -471] Well? an actress assault a man director? I have to look more to the story, I don’t think you should write an article like this

Naver – xports news: Ko Hyun Jung decide to get off ‘Return’…Difference opinions between the director and the actress
Ko Hyun Jung’s agency said: “First of all, We would like to express our sincere apologies to the viewers who are giving a lot of love to ‘Return’ and who gave us a lot of encouragement in this situation. Actress Ko Hyun Jung officially decided to get off Sbs’s drama ‘Return’
They also said that there was a lot of difference opinions between the production team and the actress and after discussions and hardships it was hard to continue filming.

1. [+3031, -74] It’s better to tell us what happened exactly

2. [+2373, -81] They keep recording on set too, can’t they upload it on Youtube

3. [+2339, -145] Ko Hyun Jung revealed only a little bit…

4. [+1491, -59] Wa eventually…

5. [+1333, -81] Ko Hyun Jung seems to be caring and leaves everything to herself…What happened inside…I feel sorry to see articles turning Ko Hyun Jung to be bad and it makes curiosity grows bigger…I was enjoying watching Return…too bad…

6. [+1319, -96] Ko Hyun Jung couldn’t handle how dirty the content of the producer was, that’s why she hit him

7. [+1331, -113] If Ko Hyun Jung did that then there must be a reason

8. [+1209, -51] What could have happened? Ko Hyun Jung is the type to swing a refreshing sword like she did with Hong Sang Soo

9. [+1101, -55] The PD should get off too. he is not qualified

[Spoilers] Return E13-14 + Rating Nam Ji Hyun and Do Kyung Soo consider starring in tvN’s sageuk fantasy drama Hundred…

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