Kingdom 2019 Review

The most anticipated Korean Drama ‘Kingdom’ is finally here! You can stream all 6 episodes right now on Netflix!

The drama is set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period, an ambition minister who wants to take over the throne, kept the ailing king alive with a mysterious plant that seems to have turned him into an undead monster (a zombie). He kept this hidden from everyone except the queen. However, his son, the crown prince tries to unveil the secret. He takes on a journey to see the physician who treated his father (the king) and uncover the truth. Due to a surprising event, the zombie plague spreads out, and the crown prince tries to figure out how to fix the whole mess while he is about to lose his position as heir due to the machinations of the minister.

Despite wanting to pass on this one since I’m really not a fan of sageuk dramas or zombies, I ended up binge watching it in one sitting.
The drama was full of actions, thriller and tense scenes. At first, I honestly wasn’t feeling it much, It took a while to introduce all characters and their background stories. It wasn’t bad but It did take time to get into it. It’s a slow-burn but the ending left me hungry for more. There were plenty of twists, some of them were kinda predictable but some were truly surprising especially in the last episode.

The cinematography was so good and the acting was even better. The zombies’ visuals were so on point, I found myself covering my screen whenever they made a close-up, they were really scary. It wasn’t like the typical K-drama we know where they play it safe with the censors, this drama was brutal with its decapitations and violence, heads were flying everyone with a lot of blood shedding.

Although the acting was so good, we didn’t see much of characters growth other than the crown prince, some characters are still mysteries, but mostly, I was a little disappointed in Bae Doo Na’s character, I felt like she didn’t get enough to do. But, luckily we will be getting a second season to uncover more of the story.

Overall, the drama was really fun to watch and I recommend it even if you are not a fan of zombies. If you get scared easily *like me* I recommend watching it in the morning. Be careful If you can’t handle seeing blood because this drama is truly bloody. Also keep in mind to not eat before or while watching the drama.

Season 2 is reportedly beginning production in February 2019.

My Rating:

Overall: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10

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