Kim Jung Hyun’s first update on his health after leaving MBC’s ‘Time’

Naver – Osen: [Exclusive] Kim Jung Hyun gives an update after 6 months since he stepped down from ‘Time’…”See you soon” announcing his return

On March 16, Kim Jung Hyun posted a message on his official fan cafe titled, “I’m writing a message for the first time in a while.” He said, “I’m still working on my health. There is still a lot that needs to be resolved. I miss you a lot, and I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m trying to communicate more and become healthier.” “I thought a lot about whether or not I should write this message,” said Kim Jung Hyun. “I’ll be giving updates from time to time, and I’ll become an actor that’s a source of strength for everyone. See you soon.” (cr. soompi). The actor stepped down from the drama due to sleeping and eating disorder.

1.[+2031, -186] I don’t know what will be his next work, I hope he thinks about the people who suffered because of him and get moderately immersed in his role

2.[+713, -121] Among all actors, he is a rookie…ㅎㅎ Please think of the staff’s hardships

3.[+640, -338] Ah this guy’s acting is so good

4.[+380, -94] As someone who become a fan after watching Waikiki, I hope he makes a cameo in Season 2!

5.[+378, -184] While watching the drama I thought he was charming and cool, I’m looking forward to your return~ㅎ

6.[+123, -49] I do not know what happened to him, but when I look at
the press conference video, I feel sorry for Seohyun

7.[+82, -31] Kim Jung Hyun ㅠㅠ He is really charming and good at acting…I will be looking forward to see him

8.[+82, -34] It’s good to be immersed and everything but he should separate his public and private life, at the end he just couldn’t control his emotions…

9.[+55, -15] I will look forward to your return and seeing a good side of you, Fighting!!!

10.[+57, -19] One of the good acting actors that I look forward to