Kim Jae Wook talks about his character “Mo Tae Goo”

Naver – heraldpop: ‘Voice’ Kim Jae Wook “Mo Tae Goo, I didn’t want to look cruel but i wanted to look elegent” 

1. [+2756, -24] Even from a man’s view, he’s scary and sexy…His acting is perfect

2. [+2286, -26] He is perfectly sexy

3. [+1920, -26] He is really very handsome

4. [+1312, -24] Kim Jae Wook ㅜㅜ

5. [+335, -9] Your acting was really good…ㅠ To be honest, the last scene was so shocking that i still can’t forget it ㅠㅠ and the suit really suits you…

6. [+319, -8] I hope to see Kim Jae Wook again…He’s really sexy

7. [+307, -7] Honestly, if we talk about visual, sexy, face and acting, he really has it all

8. [+301, -5] He went to Seoul Institute of the arts majored in music ㄷㄷ He is a a professional guitarist, he has a band, he’s very handsome and good at acting…in my life…i envy this hyung…

9. [+296, -8] His face is so fantastic and so is his acting

10. [+276, -8] The killer was so sexy that i couldn’t hate him…Even though he was terrible but he was also so sexy

[Spoilers] The Liar and His Lover (Pilot) + Rating School 2017 planning to be broadcast in July

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