Kim Go Eun’s interview with ELLE Magazine

Naver – Osen: [Pictorial] Kim Go Eun, “More healthy than just a beauty”

1. [+5059, -683] She is an actress who have grown and matured gradually. I’m looking forward to your next work. I support you

2. [+3419, -533] Let’s only walk on flower path…I’ll support you!

3. [+3188, -516] After you finished the drama you must have gone through a lot of hardships but as expected you are different, I was really touched by your interview, I’ll always support you^^

4. [+2596, -489] I’m looking forward to your next work!!!!

5. [+1115, -219] You are so good at speaking and you are so beautiful too, Fighting!

6. [+1122, -246] It really not good to talk about someone is face, there is no difference from cursing their parents. I love seeing people like Kim Go Eun who have a mind of loving themselves the way they are.

7. [+813, -180] I can’t forget the expression on her face in Goblin when she said ‘I love you’, She was so lovely…That’s how much Kim Go Eun is lovely as an actress!

8. [+571, -127] Kim Go Eun’s sideline is so natural, and most of all, She is very beautiful. Also when she smiles she looks so pretty

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