My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Review

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty Review

Our favorite drama has officially ended *unfortunately* it was such a cute, light and fun drama to watch with a very important message…it talked about a lot of our society problems without making the story/development get heavy. Thanks to this drama i was always looking forward to Friday & Saturday, i will truly miss it ❤️

At first I wasn’t looking forward to this drama at all, i didn’t find the story that interesting and I wasn’t sure about Cha Eun Woo’s acting and I don’t think i have seen any of Im Soo Hyang’s previous work but i just decided to watch it out of boredom and boy did I fell for it after the first episode. The first episode was fun and made me too curious about what will happen next. And that’s how my journey started with this drama.

I was afraid since our female lead got plastic surgery to change her life that they would use that to encourage people more about doing plastic surgeries so you can feel prettier but it was actually the opposite it encouraged more about loving yourself/your body and just doing whatever makes you happy. I loved how even though she changed her face, her personality hasn’t changed. Most importantly, they didn’t use the plastic surgery as a cure for her injuries, she had to fight through them, we saw her grow from the girl who didn’t like taking pictures and afraid of people’s thoughts to a girl who speaks her mind and seeks her own happiness no matter. I usually get frustrating if the female lead doesn’t overcome her insecurities quickly but strangely I enjoyed watching Mi Rae grow slowly, It was so relatable and realistic.

The only thing that “kinda” bothered me is the story development in some episodes, some episodes were kinda slow, I felt like the leads’ romance was pushed aside with all those side characters’ stories/screen time to the point were i felt that the last two episodes were rushed but it still wasn’t boring and i never found myself in a bad mood after watching and I honestly got to grow and relate a little to each character but at the end i still felt like I need more of Do-Rae couple!

I loved everything about the last episode but my favorite part was when this two beautiful women rejected those trash men!! I honestly started clapping!! I feel most dramas will give everyone a happy ending by getting everyone back together whether it was a toxic relationship or not! but here it was different! these women knew they deserve better and they will get someone better who loves them for who they are!!! It’s was just beautiful!!

At first I thought that sunbae was a good/nice person who just loves people for who they are and doesn’t care about looks but then he fell for Soo Ah’s trick and his excuse was “I followed my heart”, BOY BYE!!

and Kyung Seok’s father, after he wanted to tie down his wife, he hated that she was successful, thinking that a woman belongs at home, he hit her and made her lose the sense of smell and now you want her back because YOU love her, BOY BYE BYE!!!

Just because you had a past together, just because he said he still likes you it doesn’t mean you SHOULD get back together!!! YOU GO GIRLS!!!

My favorite line:

We lose weight when we aren’t even fat. We throw up and do plastic surgeries as if we’ll die if we aren’t pretty. We give marks on people’s faces and fight ourselves. Why on earth do we have to be like this?

My favorite episode:

I don’t exactly remember which episode, but the one where they made the girls serve tables and wear short skirts. They objectify women, they sexually harass them and then say it’s was a joke, they tell them to look a certain way otherwise they’re not pretty/likable. It was a perfect presentation of college guys who hide under their title “Sunbae”. I loved how girls came together and defended themselves, they said what needed to be said “enough is enough”. My favorite line from this episode was:

What does it mean that I look pretty when I lose weight? Are you saying that I’m a loser this way? You tell us to do plastic surgeries, grow hair, change fashion style and lose weight…You think we are products displayed in a showroom?

My favorite character:

Even though she didn’t have a lot of screen time but she was one of the smartest/nicest character. She figured out Soo Ah’s tricks since the began, she didn’t judge people or gossip about them, she was truly friendly. She was the only one who truly cared about Soo Ah’s true feelings and genuinely wanted to help. We need more characters like her and more people like this in real life PLEASE!

Overall, My Id Is Gangnam Beauty is a cute, pleasant romance, that talks about self-esteem, confidence, happiness, mental health, pressure of beauty standards. which is hard to find. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

So that’s it for my review, I hope I delivered my thoughts well and clear hehe (this is the first time I write a review). Did you guys watch the drama? what are your thoughts about it?

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