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Hello beautiful people! How are you? As you guys know I LOVE watching dramas, I started with only Kdramas and now I’m into probably all Asian dramas hehe I truly enjoy watching them and chatting about them with you guys, It truly makes me happy and that’s what actually made me start this. It was my dream to have a website that includes and talks about all asian dramas! But sometimes it’s hard since I’m on my own, I can’t watch ALL of them, I only watch selective ones + I sometimes can’t even write about them because I get super busy with my studies and now I’m about to become an intern. So after much thoughts and asking you guys on twitter, I decided to open the website for ANYONE to join me!

You can writer your own reviews/articles about any asian drama you want! You will get full credits for it as you can leave your twitter or instagram or just your name at the bottom of each post you make. You can writer per episode or per drama/movie, you are free to choose but please if you choose to writer per episode make sure to stick with it till the end. If someone already choose a certain drama yet you want to write about it as well, you can co-write this includes the posts I write as well. So all you have to do is tell me beforehand about which drama you’re writing so things don’t get messy hehe

How to apply? It’s easy just answer a few questions Here! I will make sure to contact you ASAP and you can start writing right away!

Thank you so much for showing interest in joining the website, I hope this will be a fun experience for all us! 💕 My dms are open on twitter for any questions or you can email me:

ps. this position FOR NOW will be for free HOWEVER once the website gets enough incomes (since right now i’m really not making that much because I’m not that active) I will make sure to turn the position into being PAID and pay you per post you make 🙂

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