Jisoo wishes Nam Joo Hyuk a Happy Birthday

Naver – Dispatch: “My best friend, congratulations”…Nam Joo Hyuk x Jisoo, Sweet Bromance
(Don’t mind the votes because the post is still new)

1. [+17, -0] I hope their friendship stays forever…

2. [+11, -0] Happy Birthday Joo Hyuk♡

3. [+6, -0] They both look so good, i hope their friendship stays forever!! Happy Birthday Joo Hyuk

4. [+6, -0] Aigoo, Their friendship is really good…

5. [+5, -0] I hope their friendship stays for a long time

6. [+3, -0] They are so good~♡♡♡

7. [+3, -0] The two become more and more look-alike ㅋㅋ

8. [+2, -0] My heart flutters because of Joo Hyuk ♡

9. [+0, -0] Happy Birthday Joo Hyuk Oppa~~Let’s only walk on flower path♡

10. [+1, -0] Both of them are so good looking~^.^♡ I hope you have a long frienship❤❤❤

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