Ji Chang Wook accused of being involved with Madam Lin & Burning Sun + His agency denies it

Naver – Osen: Ji Chang Wook reps “Involved with Madam Lin and Burning Sun? No relationship at all…A strong defamation”

1.[+4144, -97] Even If it’s not true, he goes clubbing frequently so It breaks his image

2.[+2708, -76] No smoke without fire, was it an act? Also, I want to know, Is it okay to reveal a picture with no proof?…I want to ask that..

3.[+1010, -68] I was his fan but I’m really shocked and disappointed…

4.[+668, -12] He went to Burning Sun when he was on a vacation from the army, I’m really seeing him in a new light. He is addicting to clubbing

5.[+535, -36] Oh ㅋㅋㅋ I’m really disappointed

6.[+496, -9] We have to protect ‘I want to Know’ PD

7.[+297, -6] The picture was released on ‘I want to Know’, which means they have to sue them but since they can’t touch ‘I want to know’ they’re threaten to sue netizens

8.[+261, -2] Wow I thought he was a nice person ㅋㅋ but he turned to be a jerk. Lee Jong Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are club buddies ㅋㅋ

9.[+264, -11] He went clubbing and that’s why he took these pictures, Arena addicted

Naver – Sports Chosun: Ji Chang Wook reps “He has no relationship with Madam Lin…A photo requested by a fan”

1.[+12962, -464] But It’s true you go clubbing frequently?

2.[+6695, -265] The expected situation later. Take legal actionsㅡreveals to be trueㅡRetirement (In reality he got kicked out)

3.[+2995, -45] Yesterday’s ‘I want to know’ was shocking but still went down from Naver main? YG is the second major shareholder?????

4.[+1195, -78] He didn’t say that It wasn’t him

5.[+1126, -59] Five days later, his agency statement: We had no choice but to trust Ji Chang Wook’s words. We will cancel the contract with Ji Chang Wook, I hope the fans will understand. Our agency has nothing to do with any controversy related to Ji Chang Wook.

6.[+1080, -43] Why isn’t on the search keyword ㅋㅋ and why there is only this article? I was your fan, I know you’re a regular at Arena Club ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your buddies are like that and you’re just the same ㅋㅋㅋ

7.[+986, -14] Zico is hidden quietly, I think there must be something

8.[+790, -6] I was more shocked to know that Ji Chang Wook goes clubbing frequently. Today is the first time I know he was close to Choi Jong hoon and Lee Jong Hyun

9.[+599, -46] It doesn’t look like a picture taken by a fan, It looks more friendly

10.[+533, -14] As expected, people who goes clubbing frequently are ill-natured

SBS’s ‘I want to Know’ has issued an apology regarding the broadcast: Here