IU’s solo teaser for tvN’s upcoming drama ‘My Ajusshi’ has been released

Naver – sports seoul: ‘My Ajusshi’ Lee Ji Eun’s solo teaser has been released…Forget about IU

(t/n: Lee Ji Eun is IU’s real name and Lee Ji An is her character name)
1.[+79, -1] IU, Lee Ji Eun, Lee Ji An Fighting!

2.[+75, -1] Lee Ji Eun is seriously the best at showing more than expectations

3.[+74, -1] This is crazy…the drama will be daebak

4.[+69, -1] The teaser is out…I should go and watch it…Lee Ji An fighting, Lee Ji Eun fighting…My Ajusshi, let’s hit daebak…

5.[+68, -1] Waw…the teaser looked like it was for a movie

6.[+37, -1] Actress Lee Ji Eun, I hope you hit daebak~~

7.[+37, -1] The teaser’s atmosphere was daebak ㅠㅠㅠ Ji An looks heart broken, Let’s be happy Lee Ji An ㅠㅠ Looking forward to My Ajusshi

8.[+36, -1] Ji An-ah, Let’s be happy ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ The teaser was so good

9.[+32, -1] I’m really looking forward to Lee Ji An

10.[+28, -1] Wednesday, March 21 at 9:30pm, Watch My Ajusshi’s broadcast!!!

tv.Naver: Lee Ji Eun transfomed into a rough and cold woman for tvN’s ‘My Ajusshi’

1.[+287, -5] Ji An’s atmosphere is really daebak ㅠㅠ Let’s hit daebak

2.[+257, -9] ‘Lee Ji An’ itself

3.[+226, -9] Wa It’s so good

4.[+221, -6] Ji Eun is so pretty ㅠㅠ I’m so looking forward to it

5.[+201, -10] Ji An, See you next week~~

6.[+191, -5] Ji An-ah, the atmosphere is daebak

7.[+187, -3] Ji An’s vibes are crazy…

8.[+180, -8] Lee Ji An, Let’s go–

9.[+174, -7] Lee Ji An!!!! The female lead that I love the most!

10.[+131, -1] I’m looking forward to her transformed acting, Fighting

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