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Ju Ji Hoon is finally back with a drama! I have been counting days for this drama but did it live-up to the expectation?

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To be honest, I don’t even know how to explain the plot lol that’s how all over the place the first episode was! To keep it simple, the drama talks about a prosecutor and a profiler who investigate mysterious cases and try to uncover hidden secrets surrounding unique items with supernatural powers.

I love when a drama give us something new and a different concept and honestly the Items in this drama are really interesting and I’m so curious to find out more about them, how they work, who made them and how did people even get them? But as interesting as it seems, I’m not fond of the drama yet and I don’t feel like I will be sticking around till the end either!

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Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Kang Woo are just amazing, their acting is so good and when these two are in the same scene, you can feel some tension BUT the female lead…I’m sorry but she is bad! She doesn’t fit the role and even her narration made me irritated! The directing is messy and boring! The editing wasn’t that good either! It just it didn’t have the excitement that i was looking forward to! It really made me wonder if I just had way too high expectations.

However, I’m really happy to see Ju Ji Hoon back in a drama, his character as a prosecutor and a sweet uncle is just so good, I will kill anyone who hurts our girl Da In!! Also I’m glad Kim Kang Woo is back as a villain and for them I will give this drama a chance and keep on watching it *for now* I really hope the directing style changes and give us some excitement, the story really has potential!

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