Iron Ladies (2018): Review and reasons to watch

Iron Ladies is a 13 episode Taiwanese drama that revolves around the lives of 3 career women who their lives evolve in ways they didn’t expected. Here are 3 reasons why you should totally get hooked onto it.

1.The lives and the characters of the 3 female leads:

Our 3 female leads live totally different lives and have different personalities that somehow manages to keep their friendship strong.
CHOU KAI TING (played by Aviis Zhong) is a strong, independent woman who loves to take full responsibility of every decision she makes. She seeks to have an impeccable life; a smooth sailing job and a long lasting relationship. Her work always comes first and she strives to make it very successful, sometimes making the most impossible, possible. Her life, however, takes an unusual turn when she finds out her boyfriend of 8 years is cheating on her.

Ma Li-Sha (played by Ada Pan) is a divorced woman who, due to her previous marriage, she swore to never fall in love or get married again. To her, love is an illusion. Her work and her son have become her ultimate priority. However, she suddenly meets a guy who shares the same ideology with her. Their relationship takes a 360 turn and she finds herself in a fix.

Wang Ching Ching (played by Jacqueline Wu) is a woman who has a perfect life in everyone’s eyes. Her life is not close to perfect. Her husband is a chronic cheater and in order to save her marriage, she welcomes his mistress to live with them. They become a family of 3, much to her displeasure. She begins to take drastic measures to kick out the mistress and have her husband all to herself. Will it work?

2. The unexpected turn of events

The above was my look at the decision of the female leads. I was like ‘‘Are you being serious right now?”

Let’s start with Ching Ching. After all the shame and suffering her husband put her through which almost made her paranoid, she still went back to him and was determined to keep being the female of the house. Why? Because he had a slight change in his attitude. It seemed so unreasonable to me especially when she had to tell her friends that she would divorce him and the fact the mistress was still living with them.

Older Sister Kai Ting was no exception to the ‘silly decisions’. After seeing her boyfriend kiss someone else in her presence, she still went back to him with the hopes of saving the relationship. Her only reason? She could not believe she had lost in love.

Li-Sha had to deal with falling in love with this ‘new guy’ in her life. Rather than embracing her feelings, she chose to runaway. I understood her though. It must have been hard to let go and fall in love again and perhaps, the fear of a failed relationship still haunts her. What I did not understand is why she failed to tell Kai Ting about her boyfriend cheating when she found out.

However, as the story continued to unfold, I slowly understood the reasons behind their decisions.

3. The main relationship

Lately, the older woman-younger man relationship seeks to take the center stage in Asian dramas and Iron Ladies is no exception to that trend.
Su-Tsan (played by Ben Wu) is an innocent country-side boy who came to Taipei to engage in a job his neighbor had pitched to his grandmother and got money from. Upon his arrival, he realizes that he has been duped and tries to make a living. He stumbles into Kai Ting and after so many events, they finally fall in love and start dating. His love for her is so pure and he seeks to do his best for her; always giving her that shoulder to lean on and encourages her. She also wants the best for him. Their relationship is not smooth sailing but it is refreshing to watch and something to dream about.

The above is one of my favorite scenes from the drama. This was when Kai Ting took the huge step to make Su Tsan a makeup artist when he knew nothing about doing makeup.

I would definitely recommend Iron Ladies to anyone looking for a realistic love story and real life work situations to watch. It definitely deserves a 9.5/10 rating.

Written by: @hanjiminkdrama