Infinity Challenge goodbye letter for KwangHee

Naver – Isplus Joins: ‘GoodBye Kwanghee’…’Mudo’ 5 members + Kim Tae-ho PD Heart-shattering farewell letter

1. [+9250, -910] If Hong Chul hyung came back, it will be more funㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+6534, -890] Is Noh Hong Chul coming?? or not??

3. [+5152, -856] Let’s make No Hong Chul comes back

4. [+3949, -740] Hong Chul Hyung~

5. [+1517, -123] Why are all the comments about No Hong Chul? Kwanghee  serve well and come back healthy

6. [+1050, -74] It’s an article about Kwanghee going to the army but everyone is talking about No Hong Chul

7. [+913, -73] After watching legend special episode, was Kwanghee a fan of ‘Mudo’ since the beginning? I was touched of how he knows every moment really well..Keep your body healthy and serve well in the army, i will wait for your comeback

8. [+805, -70] Kwanghee got a lot of hate but i think that he have done his role really well, ‘Mudo’ is the number one variety show in Korea, i must be heavy to be in it but he made us laugh and did a great job, Stay healthy and serve well in the army, even if you have people hating on you don’t forget that there are a lot of people who loves you, Don’t forget that you are a member of Infinity Challenge!

9. [+770, -71] Kwanghee, you did a good job, serve well in the army and let’s meet again after that~~ I watch it the episode last night and it was really fun, I’ll always support you~~

[Spoilers] Queen of Ring (Pilot) Park Bo Gum for TNGT

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