Hyun Bin helped Lee Shi Un when he didn’t have money

Naver – Star Mt: Lee Shi Un, When i didn’t have money to go to a funeral hall, Hyun Bin came and give me an envelope

1. [+11207, -147] Hyun Bin has no controversy about his personality or his acting…He even served well in the army…I think he can stay as a top star in the future..

2. [+5641, -77] It’s heartwarming^^

3. [+4134, -61] As expected from Hyun Bin!

4. [+3612, -68] As expected from Ji Oh sunbae, He has a perfect face and heart

5. [+2521, -54] Im Chul Ryung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+474, -17] Hyun Bin’s personality is really daebak, there are a lot of actors that he meets at down, A nice person is always good at everthing

7. [+413, -11] Hyun Bin is a specimen of a good personality and a right living actor. He is handsome and have a good body…He is just the best among male actors.

8. [+386, -10] There is a reason for his long-lasting as an actor~

9. [+33, -11] Hyun Bin is really good…Ji Oh Sunbae, Kim Jo Won and Sam Sik-ah ㅠㅠ
New Journey to the West 3 ended but they wil be back with season 4… Lee Dong Wook’s fan meeting + Gong Yoo was his first guest

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