His Excellency’s First Love Thoughts/Review

So after being addicted to drama ‘Addicted Heroin’, I decided rather than watching their scenes multiple times I should check out the actors’ other work and I started with this one!

The drama tells the story of Helan Jingting, an alien fox prince who’s lived for Nine hundreds years looking for his reincarnated human first love, which she end up being Guan Pipi, a beautiful and kind amateur reporter. Helan tries to win Pipi’s heart and try to reverse a curse she got because of him.

The story and cinematography were so good, the acting was okay! I was afraid of Victoria’s acting because I saw a post about her bad acting before but surprisingly she wasn’t that bad, However, there were moments where I felt her acting was weak and not only hers but Johnny’s as well!

The drama started out really well and I got hooked from the first episode. The young leads were so cute and I always looked forward to seeing them in the flashbacks, I even loved their chemistry more than the old leads hehe I also enjoyed seeing the leads built up their relationship slowly and getting closer to each other but that was up till episode 15-16! The leads later started to seem like they were just making cameos! The focus was more on the side character and It kinda annoyed me! Like I loved seeing the two foxes and XioJu’s interactions but I didn’t like how they kept focusing on the ex-boyfriend and the best friend, they are cheaters, they don’t deserve any screen-time or that happy ending! There were also many plot holes especially episode 24, to me, that episode was so unnecessary and It didn’t make sense! If Helan knew about Pipi before she was even born why didn’t he meet her sooner? why did he waited till she was 24 almost 25, even though he knows she will die? I mean he could have met her earlier, fell in love and had more sweet moments! It just didn’t make sense to me! Also It felt weird how he talked to her when she was a kid! sorry but that was creepy and not romantic!!

I honestly did not hate the ending, when I first heard that one of them had to die, I was praying that It won’t have ‘Hwayugi’ type of ending! Yes, It’s a bitter sweet ending but at least they met at the end and Helan can get his memory back! Also I’m curious about the fox clan, wasn’t there a war? and now that the brother is dead, Helan lost his memory and the key is with Pipi! What happened to them? no answer.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this drama, even with all these flaws. I really wished the development in the second half was better! I have to say Johnny Huang looked extra hot in this drama, thank you director for that bad scene *blushing* I don’t know if there will be a second season or not but I will gladly watch it hehe

My Rating:

Overall: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10

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