Hip Hop Teacher Review

I came across this drama by chance! It has a good cast and the plot sounded fun that’s why I decided to give it a try!

The drama aired in 2017, It tells the story of a music teacher at an elementary school who was an underground hip hop artist. Though she is blessed with a stable job, she got bored of it. One day she come across a mystery/crazy girl who later joined the school as an English teacher. They team up and start a hip-hop class.

When I read the synopsis, I thought this will be like school of rock, but after I finished watching it I found it a little messy! I don’t know if It’s because It has only 2 episodes but they couldn’t cover the plot really well, I felt like there is still more to it, such as Yuri’s character and Lee Joo Young’s mother relationship! Also it was a little cringy to see them trying to act all ‘cool’ and ‘swag’ lol

But overall, It was a light and enjoyable drama! I mostly watched it for Lee Joo Young and she really looked so beautiful in this drama! I hope she gets more leading roles! (t/n: she will be the lead in upcoming movie ‘Baseball Girl’)

The romance part was really cute, especially Ahn Woo Yeon. He was super adorable and his character was so naive and innocent. I still laugh every time I remember the scene where they were alone in the house lol
To be honest at first I thought the romance will be between the girls hehe

My Rating:

Overall: 6/10
Story: 6/10
Acting: 7/10

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