He is Psychometric First Impression/Review

Yes, I still haven’t finished watching tvN’s The Crowned Clown and I already started this hehe I was actually looking forward to this drama, I felt like the psychometry plot was fresh and I needed some youth drama to lift up my mood! Was it worth the wait?

The drama is about 4 people who come together because of an incident that happened 11 years ago. Some have lost and gained things because of it. Lee An gained psychometric abilities after the accident where he is able to read the secrets of those whose skin comes into contact with him, he is living with his life-saver Kang Sung Mo, a prosecutor who I think he is really mysterious! One day, Lee An meets Yoon Jae In, a girl who is trying so hard to hide her past/pain, through a misunderstanding but slowly they get to know each other and resolve it. And there is also Eun Ji Soo, a special forces detective who she is aware of Lee An’s abilities and often try to include him in investigations and later on, we found out she is also the daughter of the responsible detective of the incident case.

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As I said earlier, I was looking forward to this drama but I had really low expectations and surprisingly It was much better than I expected! It got the thriller, mystery, romance and a little comedy, what more can I ask from? hehe, I was most surprised with the cinematography and its high quality, It’s definitely not a cheap youth drama. The acting was good as well. I have been keeping my eyes on Jin Young ever since Dream High 2 but I truly fell for him when he played the younger version of Lee Min Ho’s character in The Legend of the Blue Sea, he is a good actor however, I’m not gonna lie, I was a little afraid since it’s his first leading role but thankfully he truly nailed Lee An’s character, he looks so cute and lovely but when his eyes change and get all serious, my heart skips a beat lol This is the first time I watch Shin Ye Eun and her acting was natural as well *thankfully* Also I don’t know why I was afraid of Dasom’s acting, the girl can really act, I was surprised and I felt sorry that I downed her lol

The story is semi-fresh, If I’m not mistaking this is the first time a drama talks about psychometric abilities *correct me if i’m wrong*, I mean we got ‘I hear Your Voice‘ but it’s not exactly the same since he sees stuff rather than hearing them…So far the plot is solid and stable, the development is also fast, like super fast, the girl already knows about his abilities which is good BUT this also leaves a room for getting draggy and slow later. I really hope It stays this fun till the end.

The bromance is definitely my favorite part! They are so cute! I’m glad he took care of him after he saved him and they didn’t make it typical where they only meet again in the future HOWEVER the brother/prosecutor is really suspicious and my heart is not ready for the writer to break their bond lol why can’t Lee An see his memories? but suddenly saw Yoon Jae In when he touched him! *which I’m praying he doesn’t have some type of crush on her because that will be weird* Also why is he helping her? Is it because of her father? But isn’t he the killer? If not then who is? Another thing, why did he wrap up the fire case that quick? why isn’t he helping the detective? I’m so curious!!

The first episode mostly focused on Lee An’s abilities and helping with the police investigation but the second episode was more like a supernatural youth drama where it focused more on the leads’, their trauma and a school case! So I’m really curious to see in what direction they will be focusing more in the upcoming episodes.

So far I’m LOVING IT, as I said, It was really better than I expected, It’s a light-hearted investigation drama that anyone can watch and enjoy! I definitely recommend you to check it out 🙂

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