Han Myung Gu is another actor who is being accused of sexual harassment

Naver – tv Report: It popped again…Actor Han Myung Gu accused of sexual harassment 

1. [+14951, -68] Yes there are a lot of actors who did it so let’s investigate the music industry too! Especially those young girls in girl groups who are not able to talk because they are afraid it will bring damage to themselves…If you investigate the manager, seniors and agency representative you will definetly catch them all ㄷㄷㄷㄷ Wasn’t there many cases like this in the past?

2. [+9340, -68] Really disgusting ㅜ yuck~~

3. [+9225, -68] This is theater-related entertainment

4. [+8049, -63] Cho Geun Hyeon, Jo Min Gi, Cho Jae Hyun…Why did you live like that?

5. [+6812, -47] Why does it keep on going with no end! I really feel sorry for those young souls who are in there 20s

6. [+844, -2] It’s not only the theater industry, but also the music and the film industry. And even if it is not in the entertainment, it exists in our society now…

7. [+784, -4] It looks like it’s harder to find someone who didn’t do it

8. [+643, -6] I’m at a loss of words…we still have to find out the truth first…but why there are so many people who live like non human…It’s disgusting…

9. [+639, -4] Let’s cut the pervert rots

10. [+754, -7] It seems the theater industry is the most rotten. They use students who have no money or where else to go  ㅉㅉ

Cho Jae Hyun admits to sexual harassment accusation and will be removed from ‘Cross’ Lee Yoo Young graduated from Korea National University of Arts today

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