From Jo Min Ki to Oh Dal Su to Cho Jae Hyun, they are all accused of sexual harassment

Naver – News1: From Jo Min Ki to Oh Dal Su to Cho Jae Hyun, What will happen to CJ drama?

1. [+5802, -13] What do you mean what will happen~ We have to catch them all

2. [+4905, -32] All these basters have daughters

3. [+3896, -24] I really didn’t know this would happen;; I hope I don’t see them again. No, don’t show yourselves again

4. [+2991, -75] Should we say goodbye to the people who closed their eyes on this too?

5. [+2559, -27] They are screwed

6. [+707, -2] There should be nothing like taking a break. Kneel in front of the victim and apologize

7. [+584, -1] The more you pull out your hair, the more it will come out

8. [+803, -223] You say what should we do about CJ drama? You are saying that speaking out about sexual harassment is damaging CJ. The cause of the current situation is not because the victims have spoken out about sexual harassment but “Jo Min Ki, Oh Dul So and Cho Jae Hyun have sexually harassed them

9. [+528, -3] Hurry and apologize and don’t come out again

10. [+498, -1] They will go down together and like that they won’t be bored alone ㅋ

Ji Sung and Han Ji Min confirmed for tvN’s fantasy romance drama ‘Knowing Wife’ Cho Jae Hyun is accused of sexual harassment

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