Different Dreams First Impression/Review

The story takes place in Kyungsung (Seoul right now) and Shanghai (China) during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Lee Young Jin is a Korean surgeon who was raised by a Japanese family, which we later find out that she is actually a spy for the Korean government. Kim Won Bong is the leader of a secret society fighting for Korean independence.

I honestly loved the first episodes, it was definitely worth the wait. I have to say, at first i was a little bit confused because they kept introducing all these characters and names to the point were i thought the missing doctor Yoo Tae Joon they were talking about is our male lead’s character but then he turned out to be someone else played by Kim Tae Won, which i can’t wait to see and know more about his character because he only appeared for a little while in all four episodes and we got only a little information about him. Thankfully the drama always provides information whenever they are talking about a place or a well know person, so it’s easier for the non-Korean watchers or people in general who don’t know much about the Korean history, so it’s really helpful.

The acting in this drama is really good, again just look at the cast hehe, they also have such good chemistry not only between the leads but the whole cast as well. The directing, the story, the costumes, everything is so good, but i have to say the CGI is a little bit obvious but not too disturbing. Also the development is definitely fast, and that’s what made me love it even more, like from the first episode we went straight to the story with no dragging, they gave us all the characters and information we needed to know and they went straight to action. As the drama goes, it keeps gets more interesting and exciting.

Let’s talk about the romance part, at first i honestly wasn’t focused on the romance even when the two leads met, i was more into the story and figuring out what was happening, as i said earlier it was a little confusing at the beginning BUT then we got a scene of Lee Young-Jin & Fukuda (Lim Ju Hwan) and i started to ship them so hard, I don’t know why, probably because Lim Ju-Hwan was just adorable lol. Also the scene were they were smiling in the garden made my heart flutter, it was shot so beautifully and their little date in episode 3 was so cute but as i was shipping them Mr. Yoo Ji Tae came out of nowhere in episode 2 wearing a suit and made my heart stop for a sec!! You guys have no idea how many times i watched that scene, he was full of charisma and just looked so good hehe The chemistry between the leads got picked up in episode 4 and they just looked good together, I have to say that really felt sorry for Fukuda when she created that misunderstanding to save our lead, but still i’m team ‘main leads’ hehe. Is it just me or whenever the two leads smiled, i feel this will not end up well, i can feel the sadness coming lol

I’m really excited for next episodes, I cannot wait for Kim Won Bong to find out that Lee Young Jin is actually a spy, i mean he started to sense that she is hiding something especially how he felt she was familiar with guns, I also can’t wait for them to work together. I have a feeling that Fukuda will join them and end up being in the same team as them and help out. I’m also curious about Nam Gyu Ri’s character because she only appeared for like a minute in all 4 episodes so im really excited to see what type of character she is, so far we know that she is a singer but i’m sure they didn’t cast her just to sing hehe.

So far I’m LOVING IT, It’s really good and fun to watch, if you’re still hesitating to watch it, don’t be, I promise you will enjoy it hehe